Company Checkbook

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Nandan Here. So we opened up a bank account. Thankfully Angie at Columbia bank kept us alive through the hours of form-filling by giving us both large mugs full of hersheys kisses and hugs. The Rasberry kinds. Were both still pretty stoked on that. Also pretty stoked on the debit cards we’ll get with a company name.

Here’s a picture of the Company Checkbook sitting on the Company Desk:
company checkbook

Master Zach

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Zach here. I was just setting up a paypal account so that people could donate greenbacks via the interweb (don’t get too stoked, it’s not up yet), and when prompted for my name I couldn’t help but browse the possible list of titles they provide. According to paypal, my name is now Master Zach Weintraub. The whole affair led me to wonder what a master really is. I know that in my case it refers to “master of disaster”, but I doubt that’s what paypal had in mind. Wikipedia had the answer. It turns out that I’m way lower in rank than I thought:

“Master was used in England for men of some rank, especially “free masters” of a trade guild and by any manual worker or servant employee to his employer (his master), but also generally by those lower in status to gentlemen, priests or scholars…after its replacement in common speech by Mister, Master was retained as an address for boys or young men.”

10 thou

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this is what we’re looking for:


at the office

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Nandan here. I’m looking for an excuse to stop working on the prospectus too.

So I took candid pictures of me and Zach at the Office.

This Is Taxing

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Zach here. Nandan and I are at the “office” right now slaving away on our personal bios to put in the prospectus so that people will give us money. And we’re doing a terrible job. I don’t like writing about myself in this way, it makes me feel slimy all over. So slimy. Worst of all is how far removed this is from the actual film itself on a creative level. So even though technically we’re working towards getting the film made, I can’t manage to feel like it’s worthwhile. I think we’re going to get out of the “office” pretty soon here, at which point I’ll hopefully find a $10,000 bill lying on the sidewalk. But if not, it’s back to the slime…

What Is This?

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Hi. I’m Zach. I’m making this movie called Land of the Lost. Here’s where Nandan Rao and I will chart our progress for the reading pleasure of all those interested. Hi Mom. Hi Dad.

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