Oh, Jinxed It

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Zach here. As you know, Nandan got home with the camera last night. As you can imagine, we were excited to use it. We were screwing around at home with our one lens when I noticed that the focus ring wasn’t turning smoothly. Pretty soon it felt completely loosey goosey and the lens wasn’t actually focusing at all. So that was a big bummer.

Still eager to play around, we called my dad who loaned us two of his Canon lenses, as well as a little plastic toy lens that he’d somehow acquired. Pretty soon we found out that the Canon lenses were completely incompatible with our Canon camera. The toy lens, however, fit like a glove. Very funny.

I had to give Nandan a ride to his car at the train station, so we shot some garbage in the parking lot. It was freezing outside. On the way back, Nandan’s car broke down. Meanwhile, I noticed an important looking piece of plastic sitting on the passenger seat of my car. It was so important looking that I pocketed it. When we finally got home, Nandan identified it as the piece that allows you to see through the viewfinder, his biggest clue being that the viewfinder was no longer see-through-able. Apparently it had been knocked out of place in our attempts to mount incompatible lenses. Tremendous.

Epilogue: I don’t want to make it all seem so dismal. Upon closer inspection, the missing piece didn’t seem physically damaged, and Nandan clicked it back into place pretty easily. Everything seems to be in working order now (minus our lens, which is actually fucked), but you never know…

We Have a Camera

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Yeah, I guess I didn’t jinx it after all.


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Zach here. Nandan just called me on the train en route from his hometown in Oregon to say that Glazer’s Camera in Seattle just got a shipment in and that they would be holding a camera for us for 24 hours. Apparently he’s just going to stay on the train until he hits Seattle and pick the thing up, meaning that it will be here in the office by tonight. It seems like a potential jinx to post this now, like I’m counting my chickens before we have a camera, but we’re both pretty excited so I figured I’d go for it anyway. Stay tuned for a confirmation post later tonight that will probably be titled “we have a camera”…

Also, please come to Skateland on Monday. I went last night just for fun and it was neat.


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Zach here, with big news. On Monday, March 2nd we will be hosting our very first fundraising event…a roller-disco at Skateland in Olympia, WA.

Skateland is at 2725 12th Ave NE. The party starts at 8:00pm and lasts until 10:00pm. We’re asking for a $4-8 donation at the door, but less is fine and more is also acceptable. Money is our second priority. Our first is rowdiness. We look forward to seeing you there. Unless you’re hideous.

Here’s a map in case you live under a rock and don’t know where Skateland is:

Desperate Times

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Zach here. We’ve just come up with a most unconventional and very likely most unproductive method of fundraising. I think we’re in it for kicks more than anything else. Nandan cooked up some fancy letterhead, and I drafted a letter introducing myself and the film, and asking for some money. Not so out there. The part I would call unconventional is that we’re now about to print several copies of the letter which will appear mysteriously on the doorsteps of the finest homes in Olympia. If you were a recipient of such a letter and are reading this, then congratulations, we were very impressed by your home.

view letter

Glazer’s Camera

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Nandan here. So we took a field trip to visit the good folks at Glazer’s Camera up in Seattle because they let us test out the camera we are looking at acquiring with the lens we’ve already procured. It works stupendously, for your viewing pleasure we’ve posted the test footage on our YouTube Channel

Too Cute

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Zach here. All of these antics are news to me. Nandan is just too cute.

Isn’t he?


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Nandan here. Zach mentioned we got a lens. I have other good news about our equipment procurement.
I found a little gem on eBay, thanks to gnarly Washington-photographer Chris Moore (check his work out: http://www.moorefoto.smugmug.com ), I am now missing $20, but more importantly, I am the proud owner of the following Betacam Camera:


Which is not the camera we were planning to use for the film. But the shoulder mount that it came with is Perfect for use with the Canon 5d that we are planning to shoot this film on. Here is a demonstration with my Nikon DSLR that mimics our planned shooting experience:


I too am excited.

Director Zach Weintraub

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Nandan here. So Zach is in Florida, and I am currently alone in the Office, where I found something I thought would be of interest to our devoted viewers: a portrait of our beloved Land of the Lost Director. Click on the pictures below to view the full-sized file, which will look great on your desktop background.


FLA All Day

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Zach here. I’m writing from Florida. Not because I’ve got anything in particular to say, but just because I thought that an interesting change of location might spice up the blog. Picture me, if you will, feet outstretched, typing on this sleek computing machinery I’ve got here in my lap and pausing occasionally to admire the palm tree-lined river in front of me. I’m dressed quite casually, but the look on my face means business. That’s what’s happening right now.

Right before I left we got a lens in the mail, which means that maybe (just maybe) you’ll be seeing an early camera test on our YouTube channel sometime soon. More news on that as it comes…

Again, I’m in Florida.

Where am I?

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