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Zach here. The screening on Friday was like “eh…so-so/whatever.” For some reason our film wasn’t projected properly and the sides were hacked off. It was pretty painful to watch, although I’m sure that no one else in the theater had any idea that anything was wrong. The film itself seemed to illicit a sort of bewildered, head-scratching reaction, which I suppose we’d have to blame ourselves for. If you’d like to see it for yourself, or even if you did go and would like to see how it actually looks, check out our YouTube channel.

Aside from our own film, the event itself was really cool. A lot of people showed up, everyone was super hyped, and there was a lot of good, fun energy in all of the films.

That whole night would probably have been at least equally fun if we hadn’t spent it at a small table handing out business cards and DVDs of an early cut of our trailer. We did meet a couple of interesting people, I learned all about the Galactic Federation of Light (far nuttier than Amway Global but also way cooler), and I don’t even know what else. Oh yeah, our friend Alex gave us two dollars, earning his generous mug a spot on our blog. Follow his example.


The real trailer is still in the works and will be done within the next week or two. Keep checking back. Frequently.

Come, It’s Free

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Zach here. We finished our 72 hour film – More Fruits and Fairer Flowers – with minimal difficulty. The thing is, we don’t know if it’s any good or if it’s lousy. I guess we’ll find out what an audience thinks this Friday. Anyhow, I didn’t think that Nandan’s previous post was entirely clear, so here’s the straight dirt on Shot to the Face:

WHAT: A whole ton of films (four minutes or less) made within 72 hours, all from the same prompt.
WHEN: Friday, April 24. Doors at 5:30, screening from 6:00 – 8:30.
WHERE: The Capital Theater. Downtown Olympia, on 5th. You know where it is.
HOW MUCH: Nothing. It’s fucking free.
WHY: See “how much”.


Shot to the Face

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Nandan here. Just wanted to let you all know how prolific Zach and I are being right now. While still hard at work on the trailer we are also making a film for a 72 hour film-festival called Shot to the Face here in Olympia. We’re pretty psyched even though in typical fashion wedecided to turn it into a 48-hour film for ourselves. Be sure to come to the screening at OFS on FRIDAY THE 24th at 530pm.


Push it

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YouTube – Check it

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Our car-mount arrived, and the first footage is on our YouTube.


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We’ve been rehearsing and scouting like we probably should’ve been since day one. Please, feast your brains on these stills. Video coming soon on YouTube. If you’re lucky.



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Here we have it folks. The first still from the first day of rehearsals of Land of the Lost. We might actually make a movie.

Look Busy

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Zach here. Just wanted to make sure that all four of you reading this knew that we got the highlights reel from our lemonade stand venture up on YouTube already. Click the handy little link to watch immediately.

In other news, we met with a couple of prospective actors this week, and it was awesome. It’s extremely fishy that our first serious prospects seem so right for the roles and we’re both a little concerned that we’re only refusing to see their shortcomings as a result of wishful thinking. I hope that’s not the case. Actors, if you’re reading this, don’t have any shortcomings. Please and thank you.

Shit’s going down! Check back soon!

back and updating

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Nandan here. I’ve been gone a few weeks, you may or may not have noticed. Just to let you know what I was up too, and to quelch any fears that your beloved producer was off smuggling anything illicit across country lines, I was in Israel for a week with an organization called Notes For Peace, which a fellow NYU student started in New York. I’ve been helping him plan this trip and also had the opportunity to borrow a camera and shoot what will become a documentary of the trip. Then since I was in the area and I’ve been meaning to visit, I went to Greece for a little over a week to say hi to all the beautiful people I used to rubbed shoulders with over there. All in all it was an inspiring trip, but I am pumped to be back in Olympia and making this movie…which turned into two movies in the time I was gone…which is why I won’t be leaving again.

But for serious, I am truly excited about the going-ons here: all the movies, the castings, the events we have planned, the trailer in the works, and I finally put up the video I started editing before I left about our letter fundraising plan . More videos will be steadily coming at you, especially regarding our fundraising which may at times not be extremely high-grossing, but usually looks pretty good set to music.

Check out the latest video on our YouTube Channel!


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Zach here. We took advantage of the weather yesterday and today and set up a free lemonade stand to get the word out about the film and meet potential investors.

As seems to be the developing trend with our fundraising plots, we had a nice time and didn’t really make any progress, minus about $30 in tips and a few new acquaintances. We got to sit in the sun on the lake for a few hours bullshitting with our friends, drinking fresh-squeezed lemonade (which we make extremely well), and heckling passersby for refusing our goods. It wasn’t a bad way to spend a couple of days.

The only real downside was the meeting we had today with Jim, a heck of nice guy who seemed to want to help us but wound up trying to recruit us on behalf of Amway Global, a cult-like right-wing online pyramid scheme. Can’t win ‘em all.

In other, uncharacteristically productive news, we’re making some progress in assembling our cast, and have decided to put together a spec trailer, which will hopefully be ready within the next couple of weeks.

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