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Zach here. There were subtle hints of it in my last post, but my total inactivity and creative flaccidity had really been wearing me down. Add to that the endless pressures of neither having nor looking for a job and I was at my breaking point. I decided to take a vacation from all of the vacation and caught a ride down to San Francisco via craigslist. It was fucking phenomenal.

I danced with some fresh faces, and some other faces so long unseen that they seemed fresh again. The key is here freshness. I feel rejuvenated.

Meanwhile, Nandan is back, although you wouldn’t know it by his total blog-absence. But anyway, great timing. Things are about to get productive. I’m serious. And not only on Land of the Lost, but also the other movie we’re making.


That’s right, another movie. It’s an autobiographical look at our nation’s current economic crisis through the eyes of those least affected by it. It’s called “Hard Times for Soft People”. I can’t say anything more. Not here.

But get hyped, because we are.

Where am I?

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