The Calm Before the Storm

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Zach here. Our first day of shooting is on Wednesday, July 8. Two-thirds of our principal cast is out of town for the next ten days. We’re using this time to relax and muster our creative energy, now even harder than we’ve been relaxing and mustering for the past six months.

We’re also hard at work on all of the obvious production duties: getting locations, planning visuals, etc. It has involved a lot of driving during the past few days. In fact, Nandan and I got into a car accident. With each other. Nandan wasn’t actually involved so much as his car, which was parked when I ran into it. Anyway, we milked a video out of one of our excursions (see it on our YouTube channel) and here are a couple of relatively unexciting snaps from other scouts. Blogs just look more interesting with pictures on them.

Hood Canal

Hood Canal

Water Pump

Water Pump

And in the recent spirit of welcoming new cast members, I would like to introduce yet another fresh face:

Name TBD...

Name TBD...

It’ll make sense when you see the movie. We don’t have a name for this little guy yet. I would announce a naming contest, but no one reads this. Actually, let’s do it. Post a comment on this entry with your suggested name and I’ll announce the winner in a week. The odds are that you’ll win just for entering.

Good luck.

To all of us.


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Take a look at our two newest cast members, Sunny (left) and Maya (right).


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We’ve been figuring out costumes. Here are some pixxx with our leading lady.


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Nandan here. Breaking news here. We just received a really heavy shipment of world’s best bread in the mail. After meeting Killer Dave at a Costco while buying lemons a few months ago, we emailed the man himself asking for a bread sponsorship. It seemed like a long shot. The bread is made in Oregon, all organic, and tastes legitimately incredible. But Dave obliged by sending us this…


Turn the Beat Around

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Nandan here. Yesterday Zach left us all with a very glum, albeit truthful update regarding certain roadblocks on our production highway. While we all may experience such glumness from time to time, I would like to put forth the following photograph as a counterpoint: would a glum production look like this?


In addition to hyper-efficient planning sessions with our new iPlanner (show above), we’ve also been doing some set-building. We’ll let this tickle your curiosity:

What’s Going On

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Zach here. It’s been a while since we’ve shown our blog-faces. Our fault. I’m sorry. Here’s a brief update.

We had two events, a pizza dinner and an art/music show. The former was our most severe failure to date, and the latter our most glorious success. Thanks to everyone who made these events possible, in both cases. Actually, there are a couple of businesses to whom we own more specific, promotional shoutings out:


VIC’S PIZZERIA – Eat their pizza.

And now on to the film itself, which I suppose is pretty important. Unfortunately and regrettably, rehearsal and other crucial preparations have recently taken a backseat to our last-ditch fundraising efforts. There’s also the videography job we took shooting sales videos of horses to stress over. And on top of everything, the unprecedentedly fine weather and the leisure opportunities it presents have proven more than a minor distraction. But distractions aside, it’s been surprisingly difficult it is to make three or four relatively unoccupied schedules align for a rehearsal, and we don’t quite feel prepared to shoot. This week was actually supposed to be our first in production due to one actress leaving for the summer and us needing to finish her scenes early. About ten days ago, she dropped out of the film unexpectedly, leaving us to find a quick replacement, but also allowing us to push back our start date to the beginning of July. And no worries, we’ve already found a new actress for the role. She seems like a real sharp kid and we should know by tomorrow whether she’ll work out.

That’s about it. Stress and uncertainty come with the territory when you’re doing something new like this, especially being as unqualified as we are. You can expect all of the mistakes and hangups in the world but that doesn’t mean you won’t be bummed when they finally arrive. We’ll be fine. The film will be fine. It might be good. Can’t say yet.

One last thing. Nandan, if you want to stick one of them pretty pictures of the cast rehearsing in here, the post might be more interesting. Thanks.

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