Day Two

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Day One

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Zach here. Yesterday was our first day of shooting:

Anyway, the day went alright. We were shooting some nice, easy, one-actor, no-dialogue stuff at Olympia High School. I had been in talks with the principal and things seemed to be all set pending one final confirmation when suddenly it became impossible to get in touch with anyone at the school by phone. We decided to just show up, ready to go with all of our equipment, hoping that there would be no problem. There was a problem: the principal wasn’t in and no one else had heard anything about us. The summer school principal told me he’d try and get in touch with him and get back to me about either shooting later that afternoon or another day. We passed the downtime with anxious minds and a three pound bucket of potato salad. It was getting late and we still hadn’t heard anything. Eventually we decided to head back to the school and try again. This time we ran into the principal himself. He seemed apprehensive on account of not having gone through certain district departments. It wasn’t looking good at first. Then he said something beautiful, poetic: “actually, let’s just skip the bureaucracy and have you guys get started.” So we did. It was a pretty loose scene and we’d never actually been to the location before so it was more or less a matter of walking around and picking out shots, not knowing quite how they’ll fit together or even whether the scene will be included in the film. We got some cool stuff.

Afterward, it was time for a wrap party. I think that the best way to keep crew morale high is to have a wrap party every single day of shooting, not just after the last one as convention dictates. After a solid first day, we could think of no better wrap party hotspot than our beloved Skateland. You wish you could have been there. You are also now photographically introduced to our newest crew member, Dustin Wickham:

Mr. Dusty came up from portland just to help us out because he found this beaut of a blog online. He also came to throw it down hard on roller skates:




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Zach here. I figured I’d better crown a winner for that pig-naming contest I announced not too long ago. I was hoping to let a few more entries trickle in but almost all of the comments that we get are in Russian and seem to be advertising some sort of music downloading site (I used an online translator). I can’t hold out any longer. Thanks to everyone who participated. The winner is ke^kx. The name of the pig is Dieter.

I chose it because it reminds me of the documentary “Little Dieter Needs to Fly”, which recalls the story of a young soldier’s insane escape from the gnarliest of gnarly Laotian prisons during the Vietnam War. I feel that I can identify with Dieter’s situation. From now on, whenever I look at that little pig, I will be reminded that if he was able to run barefoot from ruthless machine gun-wielding guerillas through miles of virtually impassable jungle to a miraculous rescue, then maybe I’ve got a shot at creating a low-scale, highly independent film from the comfort of my mother’s house. I know, it doesn’t seem likely.

And another thing. You may have noticed that every post to have ever existed on this blog belongs to a single category: pre-production notes. This will be the last of such posts. To our mind-bending terror, tomorrow marks the start of a new category…

rehearsal through the eyes of a star

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Nandan here. So I guess we’re gonna be shooting a feature film in less than 48 hours. As expected we’re spending most of our time worrying about how unprepared we are to actually make a movie. So after two solid weeks of worrying and a weekend of not so much worrying, we had the chance to rehearse again today. Which our young protagonist decided to document. So here it is folks, life through the eyes of child star Mackinley Robinson:






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