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Zach here. Things are moving along, slowly but a little bit surely.

Blogwise, I’m actually sitting on a decent pile of media-treats. A little video clip here, a little still photo there, etc. Having other people hard at work has left me time to putz around with this sort of thing. And yet, I’m not even getting that done.

But it’s not like I’m without excuses. I work a lot. And additionally, I’m very deep in story meetings on a cross country road movie. Its current working title is “Fresh Starts for Stale People” and it’s more or less a jaw-dropping portrait of a nation shattered by economic turmoil and the all-too-recent loss of its greatest pop icon.

It will go into production next month.

But anyway, I posted two new YouTube videos!!!


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Zach here. It’s tough times.

I’m fresh back from an overnight trip to rural New Jersey where the idea was to record some missing sound effects for the movie’s sound design. Naturally, a blizzard rendered this task impossible. I’m getting a lot of anxiety about finishing everything on time, because although there’s plenty to be done, all of it is out of my hands. People are on it, and while they’re all people that I trust and have confidence in, it’s not easy to just sit by with my fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong.

So how do I deal with it? I sit around, I stress, I go to work, I make nervous phone calls, and most entertainingly, I browse my hard drive for amusing photos or video to post on the internet. Enjoy.

This movie will be done in less than two weeks.

Sound (and the reveal)

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Zach here, barely.

Due to recent developments we’re suddenly facing an imminent deadline and it’s been causing a lot of stress. The only remaining aspect of the movie to finish is the sound design/mix. This is a huge undertaking. Our eager and generous sound designer Cecile was made aware of this right in the midst of a busy finals week, and two days prior to departure on a three-week trip to her hometown, Paris. Not advantageous timing.

Enter one of the movie’s most epic saviors to date: Katie. She’s got a lot of experience with post-sound, and consistently does a great job with it. Yesterday afternoon I sat down with Cecile and Katie to work out some way in which they could double-team the job so that Cecile could still get her hands dirty with the soil of experience (what?). Slowly and painfully, two very upsetting things became clear: that there was no convenient way to keep Cecile involved (this after her having put in work already), and that Katie would be taking on the full weight of our sound burden. Since then she’s already logged an absurd amount of hours towards our cause. Here’s a photo of her, hating me for what I’ve done to her.

Photo 57

In this paragraph I was going to explain why I’ve been secretive. I know it’s obnoxious. I think I’ll just reveal the secret.

Two days ago I was invited to officially premiere the movie as part of the official competition at the twentieth annual Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, CA. And I accepted.


And as exciting as that is, I can’t write anymore about it now because I’ve got to be up in five hours to work in a cramped sub-cellar stockroom with a low ceiling. Many more updates to come.


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Zach here. I got some news this morning that was way different from the news I got in my last post.

I’m not going to announce anything right now, but don’t worry…you won’t be kept in suspense for too long.

Expect updates soon. And as per Maya’s request, I may even showcase my weird haircut.


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Zach here. That semi-interesting something I’d thought I’d have by the end of the week was postponed. It wasn’t much anyway, just a little YouTube vid like in the olden days. Why the fuck is “olden” a word? According to my computer’s dictionary it’s archaic and/or jocular.

Today, five thousand filmmakers and I were regretfully informed via e-mail that our films were unable to be included in the 2010 Slamdance Film Festival.

The five thousand thing is what really blows me away. I couldn’t even begin to justify feeling bitter or like they’d made a mistake considering what a massive amount of people were given the very same “no”. With all of the time and money that goes into making these petty picture shows, it almost seems a little twisted to “select” a few of them.

“We’re sorry, but that whole year (or more) of your life you just spent, while commendable, wasn’t quite worthwhile.”

But we’re the ones who make it this way. It could be so rewarding just to finish a movie. It is, for a second, until we decide we want our work to be qualified and assessed against the work of others. So we get rejected.

Here’s to hoping I can take the news in such stride if/when less monumental festivals start turning us down.

On a positive note, tonight I gave myself that mullet I’ve always dreamed of having. It’s extremely subtle. Mullet-chic.

UPDATE: Immediately after publishing this post I realized that we’ve now blogged in every single month of the year. That’s chilling to me.


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Zach here. This is getting ridiculous. Progress is almost at a standstill. It’s been too long.

I promise something semi-interesting or better by the end of the week.

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