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Nandan here. Just wanted to mention that Mr. T. Newhard gave a great shout out for Bummer Summer in his first ever Podcast. You can listen to an mp3 of it right here!

Hollywood, CA

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Zach here. It’s a grueling 10:55 in the morning. Last night was weird.
I’m going to shatter this dry spell with an account of what in the hell we’ve been up to. On Tuesday morning, we woke up in Austin fifty minutes in advance of our bus out of town. It was a close call. This ride clocked in at a grueling thirty-six hours. Wednesday night we rolled in to Hollywood, CA. Our host, Dave Ferino, lives with a huge gaggle of bros in an outrageous antique mansion in the hills allegedly built by Charlie Chaplin for Mary Astor way back when. With no reasonable form of transportation, we’ve been spending a lot of time here. The house makes its acting debut this afternoon, so I’ll hold off on sharing photos until then.

Thursday night, we wound up out at dinner with old-fashioned Texan gent-turned-actor Ben McCain. We had been planning on giving Ben a role in the film, but our schedules didn’t align and it fell through. At dinner, we all brainstormed and came up with a scene we’d be able to shoot that night. We finished our meal and went right to work. Ben knocked it out of the park. It was great.
Picture 1
Yesterday (Saturday), we spent the entire day with rowdiest ten year-old I know, my cousin Ben Rosen. Our locations included In-N-Out Burger, the entrance to Disneyland (actually going inside was beyond our budget), and the Santa Monica Pier.
Picture 4
Picture 2
Picture 3
Today’s an important day and we’re all hoping not to blow it too hard. Still, we know that some level of blowing it is inevitable. It’s really our only opportunity to shoot here on account of we’re heading north tomorrow for the start of Cinequest in San Jose. I leave you with a new piece of promotional art by Dusty.

Austin, Texas

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Zach here. Hardened and wiser for our previous mistakes, we survived another night of Mardi Gras like some real veterans. This was thanks largely in part to the kindness of Dorothy Young, who provided us with four person-sized patches of hardwood floor to rest on. We made a run for the Texas border early the next morning.
Picture 3
That’s where we are now, in Austin, but we’ve got a Greyhound out of here real soon and we’re not stopping for thirty-six hours or until we get to Hollywood. Whichever comes first. I’ve got a feeling they’ll come simultaneously. I’m not in any mood to describe what we’ve been up to. I’m in a good mood, just not that mood. But here are some photos. First one’s at the ALAMO!
Picture 9
Meanwhile, real kind words about us appear in a blog by dear friends. Read them here.

miserable call from rob

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Dusty here. This being my first blog post, I’ll give a state of the adventure address. Never before have the participants had such a miserable, memorable night. After the pinnacle of the previous night’s hotel experience we found ourselves with no place to sleep. The plan or lack thereof was to stay up all night and party like it’s Mardi Gras after the Saints won the super bowl. Fact: cell phone batteries die.

We woke up in the hotel one man down having lost the prince-esque styled though southern drawl laced version of Nandan Rao (see below) to the tennets of academia. There is no doubt the production will crash and burn without him. We shot a few easy scenes and some B-roll after which we took off our film maker hats. We put on our tourist hats. Jason Lee arrived around 5 pm after having driven from Austin to the crescent city only to find us well on our way to being intoxicated not only on alcohol but also by the infectious good vibes surrounding Mardi Gras.
We spent what felt like hours driving around uptown New Orleans looking for parking near the parade route. We fueled our bodies with convenience store hotdogs, beer, and Who Dat Pies! We met up with New York friends Jesse and Jackie who had succeeded in procuring a couch for the night from the wonderful Dorothy. More on her wonder later.

The group followed the parade route 4 miles to downtown collecting beads and other swag all along the way. A brief stop at the circle bar provided some of the best dancing of the night (mostly by Rob Malone). We eventually arrived back at Bourbon Street and contributed to the typical mayhem typically found there. Girls were going wild. I conducted a brief survey about whether or not Zach looked homeless. Results inconclusive.
Zach and I lost Rob and Jason and since Rob’s phone had died and neither of us had Jason’s phone number our foursome became two twosomes. Zach and I continued being idiots and we assumed Rob and Jason did the same. The hours slipped away and by about 4:30 am we put our seemingly brilliant plan into action to poach some indoor sleeping space. We slipped through the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel and went to the 28th floor. I snagged some pillows from the staff closet and we went to sleep at the end of the hallway.
Approximately 30 minutes later I woke up to Zach entertaining three hotel security guards that were not amused at our trespassing. The NOPD were called and showed up quick. Everybody seemed really disgusted with us and the cops all took turns telling us how stupid we were. We leveled with them about honestly having no other option. They dismissed us and we walked in the brisk morning air of the Big Easy to watch the sun come up over the Mississippi River. It was a special moment. I just wish I wouldn’t have been so exhausted.
We dragged ourselves to some public transit and eventually arrived at the car around 8:00 am. We were relieved to see that Jason and Rob were sound asleep inside. Evidently they had walked the four miles home at around 5:00 am. We got in and we all slept for a few more hours. It was the worst sleep I’ve gotten all trip and it made me long to be on a Greyhound again.

Bummer Summer

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Zach here. I’m posting like right after Rob’s post. Don’t mean to bury it. Read it now if you haven’t already.

Anyway, I just wanted to point everyone to a writeup we got. Read it here.


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Rob Here. We’re in New Orleans, staying at the Holiday Inn on Rue Dauphine in the French Quarter. Thanks in no small part to “Trusty” Dusty Wickham or rather thanks to his sister, big time.

The Holiday Inn looks like this:


Right now I’m pretty psyched that we’ve gotten this far. Our overnight Greyhound bus was the only one actually leaving Pittsburgh. Props to Ben for getting us to the station on time and on his empty tank of gas.


The bus ride was long, but a great time to catch up on some intermittent sleep, get lost in some deep thoughts, whataburgers and even shoot some essential scenes on the “coach.”



Nandan is leaving tomorrow.

Filming will probably fall apart because of that.

But somehow we’ll persevere and maybe get some shots we need.

Tomorrow our friend Jason will Join us as we continue our search to find affordable housing in the Big Easy during Mardi Gras. Jason will be playing two important roles in Fresh Starts (4 Stale People). Both onscreen and off. And perhaps most importantly as our chauffeur when he drives us to Austin this Sunday.

Hey Jason, Thanks in Advance.

Jesse, the editor of Bummer Summer should be around town tomorrow as well. He’s heading to Portland with our friend Jackie. Looks like we’re going to have a real party down here. Or Something.

Apparently it’s Mardi Gras. I wish someone had told us that sooner.

Rob Shouts at Sven

Roads and Woes

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Nandan here. We’re in Pittsburgh currently, staying at Zach’s friend Ben’s house.

Ben looks like this:


Apparently we ran into the worst snow storm since 1993 in Pittsburgh, which we feel pretty lucky about. This means all of us are tramping around in tennis shoes and khakis in several feet of snow. This also means there is a lot of question as to whether or not our bus for New Orleans will actually leave tomorrow. Not that we have a place to actually stay once we get to New Orleans.

I’m just going to give you lots of pictures, and you’ll probably just never hear all the details to this phase of our trip. Suffice to say we’ve been up all night filming, slept all day yesterday, and the rest is a little hard to remember at this point. Morale is not the highest it’s ever been, but nor have we been wrap partying sufficiently for such an endeavor. I imagine that will change in the NO.

You may have noticed that the blog has changed slightly and that a man by the name of T. Newhard seems to be dominating. Again, more on him later.





A Fresh Start

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Zach here. I’m writing to you from rural Pennsylvania, where things have gotten weird.

Before I get to that, our preview screening went well. We’re working on getting some footage from the Q&A to share. Also, I was interviewed online! Check it out here.

Back to our current situation. Things have been a blur. Dusty flew out to meet us in New York yesterday morning and we’ve been shooting our new feature Fresh Starts for Stale People (FSFSP) almost nonstop ever since. After a sleepless night of Texas-sized Kahlua Mudslides (TEN DOLLARS? WHAT THE HELL?) and prolonged goodbyes, we left the city indefinitely. When I say “we” I’m referring to Nandan, Dusty, Rob (see next sentence), and myself. Our first stop was the Malone residence, as in Rob Malone, co-director of Puppy Whistle and co-maker of FSFSP. Most of today was spent shooting at a family superbowl party. We’re all glad that the Saints won, because come next weekend we’ll be in New Orleans to help celebrate the victory in conjunction with Mardi Gras. Yikes.

The film has been insane thus far. It’s so many different things all at once. Rather than try to explain, I’ll leave you with some stills from what we’ve been working on. Not that they’ll provide any decent explanation either, but they’re sure pretty to look at.
Dusty FisheyeHaircutmoonscape4Rob talks to KatieTercer MundoWide Eyes

Next stop, Pittsburgh, PA to visit an old friend from a distant land. And to have our car stolen by a heartbroken lunatic hellbent on revenge. In the movie.

Actually Done/Preview Screening

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Zach here. Remember a couple of weeks ago when I wrote that the movie was done?

It was a total hoax. Not a total hoax, but pretty hoaxy. Why am I admitting this now? Because now, it is actually done.

Just so you don’t think I’m only crying wolf again, here’s a photo of Nandan and I (and Colin Farrell) displaying the final HDCAM export. A fun tidbit: today was the deadline for this tape to be in San Jose. Whoops.
Photo on 2010-02-01 at 08.30
In other news, NYU will be hosting a preview screening of the movie this Thursday, February 4. Let me know if you’re interested in attending and I’ll see to it that you find your way there. And if you can’t make it, I’ll let you know how it went. Via blog. Right here. Soon.

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