The Calm Before the Storm (2010 edition)

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Zach here. This one’s gonna be kinda haphazard.

It’s around one in the morning. Not too late, but there are weird rumors afoot that we’re getting up to shoot in six hours??? I’m not sure. Nandan has been pacing around the house for the last hour rubbing his forehead and making disconcerting “gun in the mouth” gestures at me. The guy’s out of his mind right now. I’ve retreated to my current bedroom to report on the states of our various affairs.

Things have been coming along. We’ve been putting a lot of hours of hard labor into the church. I’ve been using a chainsaw. The weather is unseasonably pleasant. I’m warm and fuzzy inside for non-film-related reasons. Yeah, Detroit is good. I bought diamond-studded “D” earrings at a gas station yesterday. One of them is for my character in the movie. But you know what? The other one is for the real me.

The past few days have been real busy. We went out hard on Saturday night and Nandan and I were at long last granted the pleasure of hearing “Like a G6″ in a crowded dance club setting. We really went wild. This bitch kept shouting at me for stepping on her foot, which I allegedly did three times. I told her very sarcastically that I would try not to make it four. But this is all back-story. What I’m getting at is that the next morning Mike Sweeny arrived. Mike is the film’s editor, as well as a connoisseur of white wine spritzers.

We thrived for a few days with Mike, eating a ton of Frosty®s and doing massive-scale cleanup work in the church, not to mention a touch of clothes shopping as well as a dash of country dinner party.

And then this morning happened, which was when leading man Jesse Rudoy dropped on the scene like a Jersey-born, hairy-chested atom bomb (see previous post). He housed three different varieties of soup on his very first day. We did more clothes shopping.

I just spoke with Nandan, and we’re not actually shooting in six hours. But we are going to shoot tomorrow afternoon, that much is (sort of) certain. So now you’re caught up. One more time for the road:

Even if you’re a dedicated reader of this blog (I’d make a “hi mom” joke here but I know she doesn’t read this shit), you probably still don’t remember all of the outrageous promises I was making not too long ago of incredible news coming just around the corner. I had this vision of revealing each news item in its own grandiose post complete with all sorts of eye-grabbing media. I clearly never got around to it, so I’m just going to pry my foot out of my mouth and list said news items here to get it over with. The first three items concern Bummer Summer.

First of all, I never mentioned how our screening went at Local Sightings in Seattle last month. The short answer is that it went well. The opening night party was fun and I met some great people, but I’d have to say the highlight of it all was the fact that WE WON. This means that the movie will return to the Northwest Film Forum for an official week long run in the spring. I’ll see you there.

Second of all, the movie will also be screening as part of IndieLisboa in Portugal this May. It might potentially be our official European premiere. Certain details are still being worked out. But regardless, it’s definitely going to play there and I’ve heard nothing but solid praise for the festival so I couldn’t be much more thrilled.

Third of all, I sold all of the movie’s Latin American rights to a super amazing distribution company in Argentina called 791cine. Their roster is seriously so solid, and I’m really, really, really honored to be a part of it.

That ought to be enough Bummer Summer news to last for a while. My final announcement concerns our upcoming project, The International Sign for Choking. It’s full throttle. We’ve got our flights booked and we’ll be in Buenos Aires from 2/8/11 through 4/15/11. Hit me up if you’ll be around. We’ll hang out. And finally, I’m beyond pleased to announce the film’s leading lady, Sophia Takal. Here’s a picture that includes the two of us (her on the far left, myself on the far right). It was taken literally five minutes after we met for the very first time. I think that if I could go back in time to that exact moment and tell us that we’d be making this movie together, my past self would be like “whoa, that’s crazy.”

And that’s it. The coming weeks are going to be bonkers. Check back obsessively for a whole lot of updates, including some seriously zany antics and a few even zanier guest bloggers!

P.S. Big ups to anyone who recognized the title of this post as a majorly obscure, self-important reference to a post of the same title from our earlier days.

Awe and Praise

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Nandan here. Detroit is happening, that much I think I might be sure of now. We have a location: an awe-inspiring church by the name of Woods Cathedral:

For the last few weeks I have been in a state of constant panic over the fact that I didn’t know who was going to play the lead role in this film. My original plan was to move to Detroit a couple months before we were to begin shooting and meet all sorts of people and find someone who had nothing else to do and strong-arm them into playing the lead. In my head this was a totally feasible and realistic goal and it was going to be really really awesome.

About a week ago I was talking to our great friend, great collaborator, and even greater actress Sophia Takal and she told me about an actor man by the name of Jesse Rudoy. They went to school together and he might be good for the part. They made a little video of a little scene that we thought might be interesting. After several hernia-inducing technical delays I finally got this little video a few days afterward, and it turned out to be a feature-length 65 minute film which is probably more interesting to watch on its own and more effective/cohesive as a piece than anything I would ever be able to write. Hopefully you will all be able to watch it someday. At the Berlinale. Or on blue-ray.

After getting really hyped on this we asked Jesse humbly (desperately) if he would quit his job and move out to Detroit in less than a week. He bravely (foolhardily) accepted this offer and I’m happy to announce the face (via his facebook profile picture) of the newest addition to our cast:

I realize that I haven’t actually announced (blogged) about any of the other stars who have have agreed to join in on this uncomfortably-cold adventure. With any luck that will happen in the near future.

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