83rd Academy Awards Liveblog!

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12:15 – It’s really beautiful outside. There’s a perfect breeze coming in through the open window.

12:17 – I was sitting on Nandan’s bed, but he made me get up so that he could go to sleep.

12:19 – Apparently something strange is happening on TV in the US. I’m mildly curious, but will forget all about it within fifteen minutes.

12:22 – Nandan and Brad are wondering what specifically we need to get done tomorrow. I’m not sure. But there’s lots to do in general. We’re making a movie.

12:27 – Was informed via gchat that the “strange happening” on TV was auto-tuned movie clips. Hmm. That’s weird. It sounds like it could be funny I guess.

12:30 – Feel like getting off the computer soon. Maybe I’ll go for a walk? I really can’t believe how perfect the weather is right now. I’m so happy.

12:32 – Oh, apparently the auto-tuned movie clips were part of the Academy Awards. I forgot that those were tonight. I guess there’s an ad for them down the street at the edge of the park. I wonder what channel they’re on here.

12:35 – I no longer wonder what channel they’re on here.

12:39 – Is it too early to go to bed?

12:42 – That milanesa sandwich earlier really hit the spot, I’m not too full but definitely not hungry. And I was worried that it wouldn’t be enough!

12:45 – I just checked facebook. I didn’t realize that the Oscars were such a big deal to so many of my friends. I guess it must be a nice distraction from the cold wintry weather!

12:52 – Just spent six minutes trying to find a list of the best picture nominees but somehow failed. I don’t think I saw more than two of them anyway. I imagine they must be announcing the winner pretty soon.

12:54 – The page finally loaded. I saw five of these movies! A few of them weren’t bad.

12:56 – It suppose it wouldn’t kill me to go to bed soon. You can’t go out until sunrise every night, can you? I think I’ll get into bed with a nice cold fernet and cola and let the faint sound of traffic lull me to sleep.

12:58 – I’m really lucky to be where I am and doing what I’m doing. I wish that more of my friends from back home were here to share this.

Welcome Home Brad Smith

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Breakthrough Day

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Zach here. Sophia said that I should blog because we had what she described as a “breakthrough” day. I didn’t even know what she was talking about. She said it was because we cut this scene.

It was stoopid anyway.

Santiago in Argentina

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Nandan here. I wanted to throw a still at you. Zach demanded more text for the blog. So I’m gonna try and flow at you as well.

We met with this kid Santiago today. Zach met him at BAFICI last year, he had produced a film that was playing there as well. Basically, as far as I can figure out, he heard Zach was coming here to make a movie and he offered his help. Despite being crazy busy producing two feature films in the next few months (check out their superhip site – http://www.reicine.com.ar/) he sat down, offered us mad advice, and is procuring free equipment for us.

I went to one of our country’s largest film schools and know quite a few heads hustlin in the film world in the U.S. But suddenly I’m thousands of miles away and sitting across the table from someone more or less our same age who’s playing this same game as us, making films that seem like something I could really enjoy watching. I’m pretty sure there are more films simultaneously being made right now all over the world, films that I would dig even, than I will ever know or could ever imagine.

I’m having a lot of fun filming rehearsals. Here’s a still. Sorry about the weird-exposure, but hope you can enjoy as much as I do nonetheless.

In other news, I think we’re getting towards picture-lock with my detroit movie. I also think this latest cut is pretty sick.

Video Bonus

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Getting Bearings

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Zach here. I’m determined to return to our glory days of blogging. Lots of updates and lots of pictures.

Our first night in we were beat. It was 28 hours from old apartment door in New York to new apartment door in Buenos Aires. But when we finally made it, this was us.

And then we lugged all of our bags up to the front door of our new place only to realize that the woman who arranged for us to stay there, my past host-mom and future actress in this film, was nowhere to be found. And we had no phone. I ran around the block and found a by-the-minute phone/internet place where I grabbed her number from my email and gave her a call. No answer. I was getting ready to run down to her house about ten blocks away when I saw her come around the corner. Score.

We celebrated our arrival with the obvious/inevitable steak dinner. Nandan and I had some weird dish that put the Double Down to deep shame. It was sliced ham and mozzarella sandwiched between two rare steaks and drenched in marinara sauce, roasted peppers, and ham cubes, served over a bed of fried potato slices. Are you kidding me?

Since then it’s been a matter of getting settled, beginning to produce this movie, rehearsing, and going outside because it’s so fucking mild and enjoyable out right now. Nandan is juiced.

That was taken last night as we scouted “busy plaza”. Meanwhile, Sophia street-cast some candidates for “Rowdy North Americans”. We’re making good progress. Today was rehearsals and right now is a screening of The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance at the museum. Get some.


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Nandan here. We now live in an apartment in Buenos Aires.

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