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Zach here, ending our longest blog-silence to date. Justifying an absence of this magnitude is not easy, and I can’t pretend to have any real excuse for it. It’s been a cold, dark winter…

But with the recent heralded arrival of Daylight Savings Time comes the promise of Spring and, accordingly, a new era of rich and glorious blogging. May this entry be the first of many…

To begin with the eponymous end, Bummer Summer will screen at the Bradford International Film Festival in England next month, thus bringing to a close the film’s abnormally drawn-out, two-year festival run and rounding out its countries of exhibition to an even ten. I had the pleasure of meeting the man responsible for Bradford’s Uncharted States of America section in Vienna (where he moderated my Q&A’s), and judging by the job he’s done – as well as the rest of the excellent program – I can’t imagine a finer farewell festival. Details are available here.The film will not simply fade away, however, as wider availability is close at hand. As always, this blog will be the best source of information when the time does finally come.

But as one festival run ends, so does another begin. And thus it is with great pleasure that I am finally able to announce the endlessly thrilling world premiere of The International Sign for Choking at BAFICI, a piece of news that I’ve been sitting on anxiously for the past few months. This is a great film festival. I’ve been three times already, and the energy and enthusiasm of the filmgoers have consistently gone unmatched. I won’t deny that the slow, steady string of A-list festival rejections was grueling, but waiting to hear back from BAFICI was perhaps the biggest stomach churner of all. There truly is not a more appropriate starting point for the film. Aside from the fact that BAFICI audiences are overwhelmingly young, good-looking, and well dressed, the prospect of sharing TISFC‘s virgin projection with all of those who were there to help make it happen is so special and exciting that I can hardly contain myself. Although no dates have officially been set, the festival runs April 11 – 22, and more information will ultimately be found here. Green and Country Story are also highly recommended.

The fun does not stop there. High-profile event producer and beloved friend of TISFC Martín Crespo is back to his old hijinks, and has prepared a genuine doozy of a premiere party for us. Anyone within a two-country radius of Buenos Aires would be wise to mark their calendars for Wednesday, April 18th. Not only will the musically brilliant, brutally attractive TISFC actors OLGA be performing, but so will their super-famous Chilean counterpart Dënver, who shared the party’s flyer with their 20,000 Facebook fans today.

As though all of this were somehow not exciting enough, I put together the following event trailer for maximum hype:

That’s all of my news for now. If you supported TISFC via Kickstarter, your time has finally come! DVDs will go out soon! Meanwhile I’ll be back within the next couple of weeks with news of another upcoming screening, and then several more weeks after that with perhaps the most exciting festival announcement I’ve ever had the pleasure of making.

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