What it’s like…

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…to produce a movie.

The Calm That Is the Storm

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Zach here. When we last spoke, I was preparing for perhaps our biggest screening ever: The International Sign for Choking at BAMcinématek in New York. That place is the real deal. I saw Gena Rowlands do a Q&A there after A Woman Under the Influence. Peter Bogdonavich was the moderator. Anyway, our screening was a success. The place was packed. So many of my old friends came, a lot of new ones were there too and, most impressively, there were even several dozen strangers. Also, I was on TV in Spanish.

It may seem as though the movie was doing super well and then suddenly slowed down to a halt. I guess that’s kind of true, but we’ve already got three fall screenings lined up and all are very exciting.

But the real news is that we’ve been calmly and quietly shooting a new movie. I don’t have many details to tell – I don’t even have a title – but here are a couple of images:

We’re shooting one week on, one week off and editing during the breaks. I’m hoping that working this way will help us spot weak areas before it’s too late and figure out how to overcome them. It’s a technique we’ve always wanted to try, but haven’t ever had the luxury. This time, everything is being shot in Olympia and all of the cast/crew are local (except Nandan, who’s only one state away), so in theory we could just keep on shooting until we’re satisfied or until our energy runs out…whichever comes first. Wish us luck.

An anecdote. Earlier this week we shot a scene that involved the use of a popular medicinal herb known as marijuana. Always the consummate professional, I’d insisted upon what I thought would be an ineffective version of said herb. And yet, four takes and three joints later, lead actress/my girlfriend and I found ourselves locked in a spare bedroom (I said we were going to rehearse something new) frantically plotting to escape unnoticed. It was a low point. But then, two more takes and one more joint later…success! And bagel bar wrap party!

More updates to come! But until then, I’ve got something you can put on repeat. TISFC producer Bradley Smith just released a fiery hot music video for an equally sizzling new single from TISFC actors/friends OLGA. Check out this magic:

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