Seen It (2011 Edition)

May 31st, 2011 § 0 comments

Zach here. I’ve been trying to steer clear of the bloglight for a couple of weeks now following a shameful morning-after second reading of my FSFSP liveblog. Still, I have no regrets.

If you’re a regular reader you’ll already know that almost an entire month has passed since I finished my first cut of The International Sign for Choking. At that point, I was too afraid to watch it. My activities since then are anybody’s guess. Some might speculate that I abandoned the project and disappeared into a cloud of smoke.

But I didn’t.

Not long after completing cut one I grew a pair and watched it. Since then I’ve been making a steady stream of changes based on my own thoughts as well as the feedback of a trusted inner circle of advisors. And Brad.

I think we all agree that it’s almost there.

But anyway, in the fine tradition of this blog I am obligated to record a summary of my thoughts upon now having seen what was once just a messy Word document and a sweet sketch of my face.

These tend to be woeful, introspective entries (see exhibit a and exhibit b). Depressing stuff. But this time not so much. Sure, my viewing included the all-too-familiar moments of cringing, disappointment, and helplessness. In general, however, I was not totally devastated. A welcome surprise.

One thing that I’ve found with all of our movies thus far is that a lot of the awesome, interesting ideas that are present upon conception are nowhere to be found once the edit is underway. It’s something that I’m learning to accept. That being said, this new movie seems to be less devoid of my initial intentions than my first movie was. Maybe I’m growing? Maybe a good filmmaker is just one who manages to not completely ruin concepts.

I’m not quite sure what I’m saying other than the fact that I don’t hate The International Sign for Choking and can even imagine people liking it. Maybe the past year has inflated my ego to a point where I can no longer recognize my own failures/shortcomings and am delusional. It’s also possible that I’m so afraid of this happening that I’ve begun to invent failures/shortcomings that don’t exist and am delusional. For me, this is always the most difficult period in the whole process because I don’t trust my own opinion and am anxious/terrified of knowing the opinions of others.

But the bottom line is that for whatever reason I’m feeling good.

Finally, miscellaneous news items related to the Newhard family: Nandan has at last gone public with the trailer for his new movie The Men of Dodge City. Check it out.

Also, Sophia’s excellent Green will be screening twice in New York this month, once on June 11 and again on June 22. If you’re in the area and respect yourself, please don’t miss this opportunity.

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