Oh, Jinxed It

February 27th, 2009 § 0 comments

Zach here. As you know, Nandan got home with the camera last night. As you can imagine, we were excited to use it. We were screwing around at home with our one lens when I noticed that the focus ring wasn’t turning smoothly. Pretty soon it felt completely loosey goosey and the lens wasn’t actually focusing at all. So that was a big bummer.

Still eager to play around, we called my dad who loaned us two of his Canon lenses, as well as a little plastic toy lens that he’d somehow acquired. Pretty soon we found out that the Canon lenses were completely incompatible with our Canon camera. The toy lens, however, fit like a glove. Very funny.

I had to give Nandan a ride to his car at the train station, so we shot some garbage in the parking lot. It was freezing outside. On the way back, Nandan’s car broke down. Meanwhile, I noticed an important looking piece of plastic sitting on the passenger seat of my car. It was so important looking that I pocketed it. When we finally got home, Nandan identified it as the piece that allows you to see through the viewfinder, his biggest clue being that the viewfinder was no longer see-through-able. Apparently it had been knocked out of place in our attempts to mount incompatible lenses. Tremendous.

Epilogue: I don’t want to make it all seem so dismal. Upon closer inspection, the missing piece didn’t seem physically damaged, and Nandan clicked it back into place pretty easily. Everything seems to be in working order now (minus our lens, which is actually fucked), but you never know…

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