Danger in the Field

March 5th, 2009 § 0 comments

Zach here. Nandan and I got ourselves into some hot water not too long ago. The kind of water hot enough to write home about, or to blog about.

You may already be familiar with our harebrained letter-writing scheme in which we drafted a request for donations with the intention of leaving it on the doorsteps of nice houses. Well, we got a little busy with some side projects as well as organizing our roller-disco fundraiser (more on that coming awful soon) and weren’t able to start dropping the letters off until the last couple of days.

On the rural road leading out to the office there’s this brand new baptist church that they had to clear cut a heck of a lot of trees to make room for. That’s how I noticed something that I hadn’t seen before: an epic house sitting way up on the hillside, real ominous-like. I’ve always wanted to go check it out, and today, with Nandan riding shotgun and a backseat full of fundraising letters, seemed as good a time as any.

It was unclear how to get to the house. I pulled into the new church and drove around behind it, revealing a steep gravel road winding upward into nowhere-ness. It was a rough ride but my ’88 Civic is a monster. At the top we expected to find the house in question, but instead wound up in the middle of an eerily deserted mobile home mini-complex.

“This must not be the right way.”

I was in the middle of executing a three-point “let’s get out of here” turnaround when Nandan noticed a way out at the other end of the complex that would undoubtedly lead us to the house. But then a couple of things happened at once.

First of all, a pack of three angry dogs came running up and surrounded my car, barking and snapping and making it hard to go anywhere. Actually, one of them wasn’t really barking but he was an enormous, like really enormous, great dane putting his face against my window pretty aggressively, which was intimidating I guess.

Second of all, a shiny black car with dark tinted windows pulled up behind us. A man got out and approached my car, not at all fazed by the dogs. It should go without saying that he was wearing a suit. I rolled down my window just a crack at his request. He asked what we were doing up there. I answered that the sweet gravel trail had been irresistibly mysterious. He told us that it was private property and to split. He got back in his car and drove away.

It wasn’t so easy for me to make my way out of there with the dogs being so ferocious and all. Soon we started hearing a really disheartening scraping sound coming from underneath my car. I was afraid that my bumper had been left dragging from a vicious dog attack. We drove a little ways down the hill until the bastards stopped bothering us and Nandan got out to check.

There was a tree branch stuck underneath my car. He pulled it out and went to get back in, at which point the dogs came running. The leader of the pack bit him on the leg. He slammed the door and I drove away fast. We think they’re cooking meth up there or something.

But it still might be a good idea to drop a letter off at the house. I’m probably going to wear an extra long trench coat and sit on Nandan’s shoulders so that it seems like we’re one tall person. In the trench coat will be several juicy t-bone steaks to pacify the dogs. It’s a plan.

Sorry I wrote so much today. It probably has something to do with wanting to avoid the dauntingly long to-do list that Nandan wrote up for me this afternoon.

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