Island Time

December 12th, 2011 § 0 comments

Zach here. And by here I mean Hawaii, as previously established. It’s now been nearly three years since Nandan and I began chronicling the production of our first endeavor, and while we both know that we may never return to those previous heights of blog glory…we’re going to try.

These are Tor and Nick (in that order). They are two of Nandan’s many Mormon friends, and they’re in the final weeks of a one-semester stint at BYU Hawaii. With their imminent return to the mainland looming, questions of faith, family, and relationships are demanding to be addressed. Probably not answered, but definitely addressed. And it isn’t completely clear just yet, but it seems like this is what we’re here to capture.

Things are a little bit different this time in that Nandan dragged me out here with way less of a clue about what we’d be shooting than either of us has ever had. No script, no problem…that much we know. But no preconceived plot whatsoever? It was a scary thought. However, in spite of our now being on island time, and all of the painstaking research into what that lifestyle entails, progress has been made.

Our first few days here were chiefly observational. We’ve been spending a lot of time familiarizing ourselves with the two leads and what it is that they do here, whom they hang out with, and what rocks they like to jump off of. Their friends and routines are slowly becoming our own, because we’re sneaky like that. Add to all of this hours of daily discussion regarding themes, expectations, and boundaries (in addition to an extremely healthy dose of Nandan’s classic pacing sessions) and an outline has begun to form. We even produced and shot a beach bonfire/camp-out on our third night here.

Not bad, right? And today we shot our first “real” scene, a highly ambitious start considering the six speaking performers acting for the first time and all at once. But regardless of difficult circumstances, the results were great. It was such a relief to have everyone finally get an idea of what we’d be doing here…and not only that, but to get excited about it. If the energy continues, the cast might just wind up making this movie themselves. Again, we’re sneaky.

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