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December 14th, 2011 § 0 comments

Nandan here. I’m feeling pretty good right now. Not so good about the $130 the four of us spent at McDonalds last night in an eating contest, but good about the movie that’s being made. About this good:

I came here with a lot of wants. I wanted to feel free with this project, in the process I wanted to feel like I could do whatever I fancied, and I wanted that to come across in the final product. I was interested in the process above all – how is it to come into someone else’s life and make a film about them, with them conversing about and acting in their own depiction of a fictional version of themselves? I was interested in the individuals I was coming to see – buddies of mine I hadn’t seen in years. I was interested in the themes – youth, growing up, mormonism.

I dunno. I’m still afraid of every scene we have to shoot, afraid of the volatility of our schedule, afraid of the lack of control I will probably have over the exact time of day we shoot things outside. But overall I just have some crazy idea that I think I will like what comes out in the end. Not sure what makes me actually believe that.

Nick and Tor are finishing finals this week. All the other students are leaving this week and weekend. We have to shoot all our scenes with those kids between the time they finish finals, and the time they leave, which basically means Thursday night and Friday day. Do any of these individuals wish to spend their last moments before leaving making my movie? Probably not. But they’ve agreed to do it anyway.

We had a moment the other day where we found ourselves in a house, ready to shoot the group scene zach mentioned below, when the people that actually lived in the house asked me what I was doing. I suddenly realized I hadn’t even asked them permission to shoot in their living room. Just barged in, started setting up equipment, and assumed it wouldn’t be a problem. They were friends of friends…

That’s kind of how this whole shoot is going, I’m just barging into people’s lives, telling them what we’re doing, and barely asking them if they want to participate before committing them to being involved. It’s definitely presumptuous. But somehow people are kind enough to amuse me. Thank you?

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