December 18th, 2011 § 0 comments

Tor here. Finals are over. Everyone but me and Nick has returned to the mainland for the holidays, which means we now only have me, Nick and the backdrop left at our disposal. We got a car and the scooter is working again, which helps a ton with the work. My brother and cousin from Norway are arriving in a few days, as is Nick’s family from Canada, which means we should shoot as many scenes as we possibly can this weekend before they come. I’m sure they will want to see places and try surfing, so the more we can do now the better.
We’re doing pretty well I think. I feel like we got a lot of things accomplished today despite the loss of our dear leader Kim Jong Il. At least Nandan and Zach seem to find gold in almost all of the seemingly mundane everyday scenes that is my life.
When I answer “about me and Nick,” people seem to agree that it could have something to it, even though it sounds so simple. I think it’s because everyone deep down knows their journals are great movie material, at least portions of them, and I think the chapters of our imaginary journals we’re filming right now are as intriguing as our journal can get and in many ways similar to what other kids at the threshold of domestic life and adult life are experiencing. That may be because I fear nothing beyond that threshold will ever be worth documenting, but I really really hope I’m wrong.

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