March 8th, 2009 § 0 comments

Nandan here. I’ve been too dizzy for the last week from all the roller-dancing on monday night to write a report on our first grand fundraising event. Here it comes:

So before I tell you the results, let me take you back to the planning for this event. We were brainstorming fundraising ideas some time ago, and we realized that all our ideas fell into one of two groups: lucrative and fun. Needless to say we steered clear of the first group and started off with a roller-disco.

I had a really good time, Zach tells me he did as well, and his stepmom was so pumped on roller-skating that she’s now holding her own private party next month for her friends at Skateland. So I’m going to report this event as a success. For a detailed report on the actual funds raised, check out the video-report on our YouTube channel HERE

Not only did we have a fun time dancing in roller-skates this week, but we also drove around town on thursday and passed judgement on Olympia’s finest homes. I’m proud to say Olympians, that there were some mighty fine ones. Stay tuned to our YouTube Channel; to see the video-report on that as well in the next few days. As of yet we have not heard back from any of the upstanding citizens that received our gracious letters, but we expect they will be visiting us at the office some time in the next week.

So all in all, and despite disagreement from our bank account, I’m calling this a successful week. In general we’ve been playing a lot with our new camera, which is now working marvelously, so over the next few months expect to see many cinematic glimpses into this comedy of errors we call movie-making.

And one last thing: I saw a movie today from fellow Corvallis-film-makers Garret Martin and Ryan Swan, check out their film’s website and get in contact with them to order a DVD, it was honestly a beautiful, beautiul piece of work.

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