December 27th, 2011 § 1 comment

Nandan here. Things are weird here. Since last update, Tor’s Norweigen brother and cousin have arrived, Nick’s Canadian mom and sister have arrived, and Christmas has come and gone with at least some tradition:

Zach and I are still here, still hogging moments of time to make movie. But I can honestly say that we are making something, and that we will indeed have a whole movie, scattered throughout many files on a hard drive, in hand when I leave this place in a week and a half. This is news for me.

Zach leaves in two days, so things are a little stressful – need to get done what needs doing before he airplanes out of here. Today we’re going to try and film a scene where Tor talks to Zach, acting as sound man recording their conversation, about how they are being portrayed talking about marriage in the scene we are shooting. I doubt that was coherent, which is a little like my thoughts right now.

I need to remember to call Nick and Tor’s Bishop, who vaguely agreed to let me interview him for the movie, but insists he hardly has any time, and explained that he doesn’t understand what we’re doing. I was supposed to call him yesterday between 5:30 and 6:00 to explain to him what we’re doing. I’ve never had a harder time trying to explain what we’re doing. I think that’s a bad sign, and it worries me a little, but somehow I can’t be bothered to think more about it. But I need to remember to call him tonight to tell him what we’re doing.

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