Halftime Show

September 5th, 2012 § 0 comments

Zach here. A month ago I wrote about how we were in the middle of shooting a new movie. Guess what?


It’s going alright, though (I’ve seen the first half so I can say that with certainty). And I’m still enjoying our new method of shooting in bursts despite the fact that it’s taking forever. Right now, Nandan is about twenty minutes away on an Olympia-bound train because tomorrow begins our third production period out of (hopefully) four. I figured that now wouldn’t be a bad time to share our progress, as well as some news about upcoming screenings.

Phase two of the shoot was generally pretty fun. And, in spite of the frighteningly last-minute producing that prompted my previous post (hilarious), things went smoothly. Highlights included the following:

We shot for the first time in one of our primary locations – the historic Capitol Theater, home to the Olympia Film Society. It’s really awesome inside and there are a ton of possibilities. So many possibilities, in fact, that we got a bit carried away and will probably be re-shooting a certain scene.

We shot our first scene with Kym, who has one of the main roles in the movie and is also the soon-to-be roommate of Justine and I.

My dad has a role.

We were visited by filmmaker Ian Clark, who appeared briefly in a scene that is almost certainly going to be cut from the movie. Sorry, Ian…and even more sorry to be informing you via blog. Shit is cold.

That’s all for now. Moving on, Seattle is about to get a major dose of Newhard at the end of the month. On Friday, September 28th at 7:00pm, The International Sign for Choking will open the Local Sightings Film Festival, hosted by Northwest Film Forum. Then, on Sunday, September 30th at 7:15pm, Nandan’s long-awaited Detroit project, The Men of Dodge City, will screen for the first time in any theater anywhere. We’ll probably be finishing up our shoot that week, so the screenings might serve double-duty as one of our notoriously numerous wrap parties. Get excited?

Let’s end with a second entry in my brand new, hastily conceived, “what it’s like to produce a movie” series:

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