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April 8th, 2009 § 0 comments

Nandan here. I’ve been gone a few weeks, you may or may not have noticed. Just to let you know what I was up too, and to quelch any fears that your beloved producer was off smuggling anything illicit across country lines, I was in Israel for a week with an organization called Notes For Peace, which a fellow NYU student started in New York. I’ve been helping him plan this trip and also had the opportunity to borrow a camera and shoot what will become a documentary of the trip. Then since I was in the area and I’ve been meaning to visit, I went to Greece for a little over a week to say hi to all the beautiful people I used to rubbed shoulders with over there. All in all it was an inspiring trip, but I am pumped to be back in Olympia and making this movie…which turned into two movies in the time I was gone…which is why I won’t be leaving again.

But for serious, I am truly excited about the going-ons here: all the movies, the castings, the events we have planned, the trailer in the works, and I finally put up the video I started editing before I left about our letter fundraising plan . More videos will be steadily coming at you, especially regarding our fundraising which may at times not be extremely high-grossing, but usually looks pretty good set to music.

Check out the latest video on our YouTube Channel!

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