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May 3rd, 2009 § 0 comments

Nandan here. Yes I forgot our video camera under a bench in a karaoke/pizza bar in Tacoma. And yes that really is unforgivable. But I decided there were some events of the night worth mentioning that led up to my forgetfulness at Puget Sound Pizza, so here is my account of that fateful night:

It had been a long night at PSP, and although there had been many a good song sang, the night was primarily dominated by a certain long-haired hooligan who decided his best bet for feminine company would be to adopt a strong jersey-accent and cry out “SUP GIRL?!?!?!” at every chance he could get.

After exiting the bar at closing time, I quickly realized that Zach and his good friend Danny were no where to be seen. A quick return to the dance floor confirmed the delay: Zach and Danny were huddle against a wall conspicuously looking at a single lady sitting alone at the bar with an all-business skirt and jacket. After several minutes of high-school-dance-encouragement from his buddy, Zach decided he was ready to make a move. Keep in mind the characters already mentioned are pretty much the only people in the entire establishment right now. Zach boldly walks right across the floor in a bee-line for the girl until he decides about 3 feet from her face that it’s best to do an immediate about-face and freeze.

At this point there isn’t much left for our poor hero except to look at his friends and giggle for several long, uncomfortable minutes, before Danny decides it’s best to save the situation by walking up to the damsel who caused all this ruckus and introducing her to our fine young lover.

I’m sorry to report she wasn’t interested.

Exciting news coming soon… (about the film, not Zach’s love life.)

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