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June 15th, 2009 § 0 comments

Zach here. It’s been a while since we’ve shown our blog-faces. Our fault. I’m sorry. Here’s a brief update.

We had two events, a pizza dinner and an art/music show. The former was our most severe failure to date, and the latter our most glorious success. Thanks to everyone who made these events possible, in both cases. Actually, there are a couple of businesses to whom we own more specific, promotional shoutings out:


VIC’S PIZZERIA – Eat their pizza.

And now on to the film itself, which I suppose is pretty important. Unfortunately and regrettably, rehearsal and other crucial preparations have recently taken a backseat to our last-ditch fundraising efforts. There’s also the videography job we took shooting sales videos of horses to stress over. And on top of everything, the unprecedentedly fine weather and the leisure opportunities it presents have proven more than a minor distraction. But distractions aside, it’s been surprisingly difficult it is to make three or four relatively unoccupied schedules align for a rehearsal, and we don’t quite feel prepared to shoot. This week was actually supposed to be our first in production due to one actress leaving for the summer and us needing to finish her scenes early. About ten days ago, she dropped out of the film unexpectedly, leaving us to find a quick replacement, but also allowing us to push back our start date to the beginning of July. And no worries, we’ve already found a new actress for the role. She seems like a real sharp kid and we should know by tomorrow whether she’ll work out.

That’s about it. Stress and uncertainty come with the territory when you’re doing something new like this, especially being as unqualified as we are. You can expect all of the mistakes and hangups in the world but that doesn’t mean you won’t be bummed when they finally arrive. We’ll be fine. The film will be fine. It might be good. Can’t say yet.

One last thing. Nandan, if you want to stick one of them pretty pictures of the cast rehearsing in here, the post might be more interesting. Thanks.

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