The Calm Before the Storm

June 27th, 2009 § 6 comments

Zach here. Our first day of shooting is on Wednesday, July 8. Two-thirds of our principal cast is out of town for the next ten days. We’re using this time to relax and muster our creative energy, now even harder than we’ve been relaxing and mustering for the past six months.

We’re also hard at work on all of the obvious production duties: getting locations, planning visuals, etc. It has involved a lot of driving during the past few days. In fact, Nandan and I got into a car accident. With each other. Nandan wasn’t actually involved so much as his car, which was parked when I ran into it. Anyway, we milked a video out of one of our excursions (see it on our YouTube channel) and here are a couple of relatively unexciting snaps from other scouts. Blogs just look more interesting with pictures on them.

Hood Canal

Hood Canal

Water Pump

Water Pump

And in the recent spirit of welcoming new cast members, I would like to introduce yet another fresh face:

Name TBD...

Name TBD...

It’ll make sense when you see the movie. We don’t have a name for this little guy yet. I would announce a naming contest, but no one reads this. Actually, let’s do it. Post a comment on this entry with your suggested name and I’ll announce the winner in a week. The odds are that you’ll win just for entering.

Good luck.

To all of us.

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