Day Five

July 14th, 2009 § 0 comments

Zach here. We had a three scenes scheduled for yesterday. Two of them were a complete success. The third, which consisted of swimming at the river location that I’m sure you saw us scouting on our YouTube channel, was postponed due to this bullshit mid-July cold wave that we’re experiencing. We’re going to try again this afternoon. I’ll let you know how it goes. Until then, here are some flixxx that my dad took from yesterday’s shoot. Thanks Ian Weintraub, thanks a lot.
In this photograph, Mackinley is pretending to be speaking with a phone sex operator. Dusty is laughing because apparently he’s not a grown-up yet. Nandan is smirking because he knows this about Dusty.
Dusty is a handyman ’till death. Look at this ridiculous invention he rigged up so that holding the boom pole would require slightly less effort. It’s made out of a speaker stand and a little metal wheel well covered in cloth for the pole to rest in allowing for full swivel capability. On set it’s become known as the “dusty device” or the “lazy dusty”.
Dusty says that this is the photograph they’ll put on display at my funeral, which freaks me out, but scope the tee. At least I’ll be reppin’ my man Werner from beyond the grave.

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