Blowin’ It

July 28th, 2009 § 1 comment

Zach here. Last post I mentioned shooting all night in a bookstore. That went alright. One of the shots got botched and we’re going to do it over again tomorrow.

There’s this one scene in the movie that’s a house party. We decided to throw a real one at our friends’ place and shoot it. This is where mistakes were made. To get people there we bought a keg of beer and like a gallon of poison. A lot of people showed up. It got loud fast. My character was supposed to be drunk in the scene. I can act a lot of things convincingly but not drunk so I started drinking. Meanwhile things were heating up and everyone was out in the backyard yapping. The tenants knew that the pigs would bust in if the noise level got too high and solicited my help. They gave me a megaphone. First mistake.

If you’ve never addressed a large crowd by megaphone then you may not understand, but getting my hands on that thing I felt like Gollum slipping on the One Ring. Or like I’d drank a Sierra Mist. I started wisecracking and barking directions like out of control. As anyone who saw Spiderman knows, with great power comes great responsibility. I was being irresponsible. Meanwhile the rest of the cast and crew were dumping all kinds of bad news down their throats. Soon came the inevitable visit from our friends the boys in blue. Said they’d received a call about some profanity being shouted via megaphone.

I swayed unsteadily alongside my two friends the tenants as they got disorderly conduct citations. Coppers wouldn’t put the heat on me even though I’d thrown the party. Said it had to be the residents. They’ll be appearing in court on August 5th if you’d like to go cheer them on. Hopefully the fines won’t be too steep ’cause I’ll be paying them (minus the money that both of them still owe me for Harry Potter tickets, of course). Back to the party.

Most people left at this point. We took advantage of the vacation to shoot some scenes inside. I was dizzier than the damned tazmanian devil but I can say, having seen the footage, that my performance was outstanding. Next on the agenda was the bathroom floor. Excess glitter and dried piss. Dry heaving.


I look up and there’s Dusty sitting on the edge of the bathtub donning all of our sound equipment and pointing the mic in my face. “I’m rolling, dude.” The two of us were in there together for hours. When I found my legs again it was long past bedtime. I climbed into the other room and balanced myself precariously between the comforter and the sheet. This is when I received one of my new favorite text messages. “Dude. I’m covered in vomit. Please help me clean the couch cushion I puked on and help me get home! I love you guys.” From Dusty.

According to Nandan, Dusty had passed out in an armchair watching Twilight. He was still sporting all of the sound equipment. 25 feet of XLR cable trailing behind him. He was still recording. This is where he harfed all over himself and the armchair.

Nandan woke me up at 6:30 with awful news. We needed to shoot a scene. I hated every second of it. I remember looking up at Luc, his eyes at half-mast and sound gear hanging off of him, holding the boom pole from the hip with the mic pointed outward at some random wall. I thought, “man, we’re blowin’ it.” But something like thirteen takes later we’d captured the film’s sweetest moment between Mackinley and I. Almost worth it. But by no means worth it.


Thanks to Nandan for being on top of it all night long, getting all of the shots we needed, taking care of Dusty, cleaning the bathroom, and picking up a new armchair to replace the soiled one, among other things.

And if your wondering where the rest of the crew was to be found while all this was happening, check out the new video about to go up on our YouTube page, including a taste of some Land of the Lost Soundtrack party beats cooked up by our very own Luc Heuer.

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