The Beach, Delphinia, and a Bathroom

August 3rd, 2009 § 1 comment

Nandan here. We embarked on our first group field-trip last Thursday, heading to our only location across the border: Pacific City, Oregon. After a week riddled with 100+ degree days I think we were all looking forward to nice little beach day. On the way down south we managed to stop by Dusty’s sisters house in Portland to fill our mouths with Lays before heading to what is now my official favorite eatery in all of Beaverton: Lupe’s Escape. They provisioned us with large saucy burritos, rice, beans, chips, salsa, and optional salad for a cool $5.75, and were very helpful when we expressed desire to have our meals individually packed for the road. They were also very amused when they saw us sit down to eat our individually packed meals in the lobby.

Our plans for Thursday involved finding a good deserted road and filming a scene where Zach’s car (Lila’s car in the movie) breaks down on the side of the road. After Lupe’s we abandoned I-5 for smaller highways that take us over the mountains to the coast. Somewhere in the middle of these mountains we found a gas station and decided to fill ‘em up. After gassing to the limit we noticed a slightly ironic fact about Zach’s car: it broke down. It took an hour’s worth of yanking and banging from Dusty’s trusty tools to get the car running again.

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting in the Olympia Megaplex watching the credits of Harry Potter with Dusty when we both had a good laugh at one particular job title: Weather Consultant. What a silly idea. Somebody’s job was to sit around with an iPhone and look up the weather.

After a few more hours of hot and sticky driving we came down out of the mountain to have our hearts torn in pieces by the sight that caused me to eat my contemptuous words at Harry Potter from weeks ago: Clouds. The entire sky was covered with clouds. It looked like it could even rain. Nobody had bothered to consult anything about the weather. Upon arrival at the beach we had about two hours of daylight left and some tough decisions to make. We were planning on shooting the beach sequence over the course of two days. But if the days didn’t match weather-wise we would have a serious problem. That being said the fog actually looked pretty interesting, and might be a blessing in what Zach described as “a really ugly, nasty disguise.” We decided to try to shoot everything that night. Miraculously we managed. And it looked splendid.


We then all spent the night at Mary and Rob’s house, a couple of class-a individuals we found on that accommodated all seven of us despite the fact that they already had three friends staying at their place.


Saturday brought us to Delphinia, a magical land that gave birth to our two newest child stars: Azaria and Amani.


And finally tonight we returned to the scene of previous crimes to film the one scene we didn’t manage to film a week ago during our party scene. It was a scene that involved Mackinley in a bathroom. Alone.

We have six more planned days of shooting. Wish us luck.

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