Trusty Dusty’s Leaving, Must He?

August 10th, 2009 § 2 comments

Zach here. Dusty left us on Friday afternoon. For Nandan and I, it was a heavier moment than either of us had expected. The guy had straight up moved here to help us out 24/7 (which was totally uncalled for and yet an immeasurable blessing), and we’d grown so used to him that his sudden absence came as a shock. It also signaled the beginning of the end of this whole thing. It’s scary, difficult to comprehend, and probably calls for a much schmaltzier post than I’m willing to write at this point. I’ll save it for when we’ve actually finished shooting. But the point is, our greatest and most sincere thanks go to Dusty. We couldn’t possibly have paid him what he was worth, so we paid him nothing, and he was alright with it.

Progress-wise, we’ve been getting pickups and re-shoots done here and there. Our final three days of shooting are scheduled for this weekend when the weather will hopefully have cleared up. Until then I’m off to Vancouver, B.C. for a three-day bachelor party. Yikes. Don’t expect an update until I get back. If you’re jonesing for your schmaltz-fix already, just check out the commemorative Dusty video I posted on our YouTube channel this afternoon.

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