Sun Setting on an Era

August 26th, 2009 § 0 comments

Zach here. Our last official day of shooting was sometime last week. Or the week before. It was low-key and anti-climactic, which suits me just fine because so is the movie itself. The day before it was much more stressful. You never realize how many airplanes there are in the sky until you try to make a movie. Or how many little girls there are riding around with deafeningly loud training wheels on their bikes. Or how many dudes there are on the basketball court, slamming the ball into the ground as forcefully as they can with each dribble. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank that last dude for not playing basketball at our request. He saved our day by letting us ruin his.
Picture 14
Anyway, the last day. Low-key. We only had a couple of shots to get but the sun was setting quickly and it was a no-blowing-it situation. Normally we’d have blown it completely but everyone was on point and we sprinted through a handful of good takes in almost no time at all. First Luc left. Next Julia left. Thirdly we drove Mackinley home. Finally, Nandan took off late, late at night. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank him formally. I had been planning to make this movie for a long time, but I am absolutely positive that it would never have happened had he not made the intensely rash and foolish decision to come join me. Anyway, seven months after our first blog post and here’s what we’ve got to show for it:
g drive
Like I said, that was all last week. Or two weeks ago. It would have been nice to feel like everything was done with production-wise but there was plenty of b-roll-type footage left for me to collect on my own. I’ve been collecting it at my leisure. Life isn’t easy for a one-man crew, but I manage. For example, here’s a shot of my sound man getting some ambiance just this afternoon:
sound crew
So what’s next? On September 15th I’ll be taking a Greyhound back east to New York (Nandan is there already), at which point I’ll add a new and exciting category to the blog: post-production notes. Get psyched!

I’ll try to keep updating somewhat regularly, despite there not being a whole lot to report these days. Things are entering dark and uncharted territory for us. It’s like some Return of the King type shit going on.

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