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Zach here. Yesterday, with the generous participation of Maya and Mackinley, I got the last remaining shot of the film. Twisted up in the backseat of a car with one eye on the camera, one eye on the audio levels, and an inexplicable third eye on the actors, I found a whole new appreciation for my ex-crew. I missed the days when my job consisted solely of making serious poses and furrowing my brow as the scenes played out in front of me. Oh yeah, and the shot would absolutely not have been possible without the unreasonably kind Rhian Peterman, who traded cars with me for the day, despite mine having a blown head gasket and spewing white smoke from the tailpipe. Obviously I neglected to mention this to him.
Picture 5
This was so overdue it’s absurd. There were a couple different times that we had wanted to feel “done” and yet hadn’t quite warranted the satisfaction: first when Dusty left, then when Nandan left. Now, as I’m getting ready to leave myself, I finally feel something like a sense of completion. As has become tradition, we wrap-partied over twist cones in the Eagan’s parking lot.
The amount of work this little guy has put in is above and beyond. Especially considering that he’s just a punk kid with no interest in acting. Why did he do this for us? It’s a mystery. And the same goes for Maya. She was a last minute replacement when another girl dropped out, and turned out to be an enormous improvement to the movie. Thanks guys.

Now don’t think that just because I’m done shooting means that the blog’s days are done. In order to prevent e-stagnancy, I’ve devised a new category called “reflections”. So many great photos have gathered on my hard drive over the past several months, so it seems like a good idea to share one of them every few days as well as what I remember about when the photo was taken. Coming soon…

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