Seattle + Family Portrait

September 11th, 2009 § 0 comments

Zach here. Bright and way too early Tuesday morning, Luc and I rode the bus up to Seattle to shoot a scene starring Julia that she could use in her reel.


It was a fun exercise for me to shoot something in a “conventional” way after having spent so much time riding the boring-ass-artsy-long-take wagon. The scene itself was also fun. Somehow we finished it all in an unexpectedly smooth and brief manner. Wrap-party around a peach cobbler.

Picture 100

I stuck around for the night and spent the next day shooting an installation piece for my friend Vicci that centered around some large papier-mâché heads she had crafted. Julia came around to return the boom pole I’d left at her house and to drop off a file to be included in her reel. When it was time to go she gave me the good old goofy “well shoot, I hope I see you again someday” goodbye. It’s weird to be exchanging such long term see-you-laters with these people with whom I’ve been sharing this project for the past several months.  Which brings us to today’s reflection.

When we first met with Julia, it was because our friend Lucy (as seen in the fundraising trailer) had dropped out due to a too-busy work schedule. We decided she seemed right for the part, when all of the sudden Lucy changed her mind on us and asked to rejoin the team. This created an uncomfortable situation. We were upfront with both of them by admitting that we were seeing someone else, and asked for a week’s deliberation. On the day that the principal cast was made official, we took this photograph for the blog and yet somehow never got around to posting it. I think it’s nice.


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