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September 19th, 2009 § 0 comments

Zach here. I made it on the Greyhound. It was a pretty grueling trip and mostly uneventful. When I first sat down on the bus in Olympia, I noticed that someone had written in marker on the back of the seat in front of me. “Welcome to hell.” That about sums it up.

But now I’m in New York, and it feels nice to be back. Here’s the view from Jesse the editor’s Brooklyn rooftop:


Everyone is excited to start putting the movie together. Frustratingly, there are a few days of tedious file compression that are going to have to take place before we’re ready to edit, which we started this afternoon. I’ll let you know once we’ve gotten underway with the real snipping.

Meanwhile, here’s another reflection.


I always thought this photo was hilarious but for some reason it would never upload to the blog back when it was taken. We needed to create the effect of a smoking engine for our roadside breakdown scene. For lord-knows-what reason, Dusty had packed a smoke bomb and wound up saving the day as he had before and would certainly do again. Anyway, there was all sorts of debate about whether it was safe to light a smoke bomb on top of the engine of my car. I was hesitant, and Julia was downright against it, but everyone else seemed to have a shoulder-shruggy, “let’s see what happens” sort of attitude so we went ahead with it. Anyway, I really like this photo. I think it serves as a nice visual metaphor for our filmmaking process.

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