Act One Done

September 30th, 2009 § 0 comments

Zach here. Editing has been a slow process, but it’s definitely happening. Yesterday was particularly productive, and equally grueling. I’m starting to uncover all of the mistakes that I made as director, and it stings when there’s nothing to be done about them. We looked at twenty-three takes of a single scene yesterday and none of them were right because I hadn’t realized or been willing to confront what wasn’t working. And now we’ve got to salvage what we can. Feature films are huge and there are so many different ways to blow it. It’s hard not to lose confidence in the entire machine when one of its parts isn’t working. We’ve pieced together the first thirty minutes, and will hopefully have finished much more by the end of this week. I’m sorry that editing isn’t such a photogenic process as shooting. This blog is starting to lag on the pretty picture front.

I’m going to dedicate a reflection to Nandan, because he’s been studying very hard and doing lots of homework. Also because his mug doesn’t show up too often on the blog.


This photo really captures my favorite side of Nandan: the miserable side. That particular afternoon we were on one of our signature leisurely location scouts, in search of a country swimming hole. I had already modeled a nice, miniature cliff jump for the camera, but we wanted to see someone using the ropeswing farther downstream. The water was freezing, and I didn’t want to swim out to it, so Nandan stepped up to the plate. I started rolling and he – in classic, country-bred form – went for a dive in lieu of the standard swing-to-drop. And he must have been rusty, because in failing to get his hands out on time he took the unbroken surface of the water straight to the face. Lucky for us I was standing by giddily to photograph the result in beautiful black and white.

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