Dear Prospective Employer,

October 6th, 2009 § 2 comments

Zach here. Today Jesse and I finished reviewing all of the takes from the point up to which he had edited through to the end of the movie. Unfortunately, this included my absolute least favorite sequence and I’ve been a Mopey-Maurie about it the whole day down. I’m hoping desperately that something can be fanagled in the edit. A rare, optimistic thought: the pitiful griping of my last post is now concern-dust in the wind, and so maybe by next post this new bitch/moan cocktail will have joined the ranks of its predecessor. I’ll let you know.

Also, I heard that the first complete rough edit of the movie has been achieved. More on that when I actually see it.

Meanwhile, I check craigslist every ten minutes in search of easy money. But I’ll even take hard money at this point. I can’t crash forever lest my friends get sick(er) of me. And even without having to pay rent the money stash continues its downward march, two slices of pizza at a time. Today I applied to work as a bartender’s assistant in one of Brooklyn’s more exciting neighborhoods. The woman interviewing me asked if I’d be comfortable bouncing motherfuckers when shit got real, as well as walking her home every night with the cash. For slave’s wages. I lied and said yes. I think she saw right through it because she asked to see my “mean face”. I mostly hope that they don’t call me back. I’m sure I don’t have much to worry about.

Tonight’s reflection is all about that bastard sequence I’ve been crying about. But enough tears. The point is that any experience which yielded this photograph could not have been a waste.


I just spent the better part of a year selfishly living out a most epic fantasy and dragging everyone I know down with me. The quality of the end result doesn’t change that.

§ 2 Responses to Dear Prospective Employer,"

  • Dad says:

    Cheer up! It’s my birthday and I’ve spent the better part of 46 years selfishly living out a most epic fantasy and dragging everyone I know down with me. Must be hereditary.
    good luck with the editing and the job hunt.
    love you,

  • rangdong says:

    how come i never see you at two bros?

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