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October 11th, 2009 § 4 comments

Zach here. Last night, we watched the first complete cut of the movie.

I wish I had the patience and literary competence to put the experience accurately into words. Instead, I can only say that it was weird. No one is more familiar with this movie than I am (with Nandan in a very close second place), but seeing it from start to finish was an unfamiliar experience. Even knowing every word, gesture, and expression, I was still surprised by several new, unanticipated effects that the movie produced when seen all at once and in order. I knew that this was supposed to happen, but it was wild anyway. I don’t know. I’m not trying to theorize here, so I’ll paraphrase my feelings: movies are crazy.

Anyway, we watched the thing (we were an audience of five), and afterward discussed it all in detail for a long time. One thing that it seemed like we all agreed upon is that it’s sort of a difficult movie, and not necessarily in a good or bad way. Every principle character is, at some point or another, thoroughly unlikeable, and the visual style is often alienating. This may come as a surprise if you’re only familiar with our pretty stills, good-times blog demeanor, and all-too-“indie”-toned fundraising trailer. But it’s true. When people tell me that they’re excited to see my movie, I often warn them that it probably won’t be what they’re expecting. Throughout the course of production, many of my decisions came from a strange, not-easily-explained desire to displease the audience. Last night, as part of the audience, I wondered whether I should have been more careful what I wished for. But maybe not. It isn’t a matter of good or bad, just taste.

Some bits I think are great and am proud of, some I don’t care for, some seem out of place, some are confusing, etc. But we don’t judge movies on a beat-by-beat basis, we judge them as wholes, defining years of thought and labor with a simple thumbs up or thumbs down. I’m certainly not about to do that here, (a) because I think that as a creator my opinion’s not worth much and (b) because no one has seen it and I don’t want to influence any forthcoming opinions (which I unfortunately may have already done). Try to see it sometime.

Even though there’s much work left to be done, seeing the movie for the first time really felt like the beginning of putting it behind me. In a good way. I’m getting anxious to start something new. I know that before long I’ll be able to feel that a review of the movie is not a review of me personally, but of a bi-product of me whose feelings can’t be hurt, a series of decisions I made one summer in wild, passionate haste. I was always so sure that upon moving home last December I would become quickly unmotivated and, having produced nothing, slip into a deep, long-lasting state of depression. This movie is a complete success just for existing. Not to get cheesy.

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  • well… that was an interesting rundown of the film this far. Will there be additional edits and different cuts or is this sucker done? Also, I’d love to have a copy of this initial cut somehow. I’m not sure if that’d be a huge pain in the tookus. But let me know. let me know if its a possibility and i can text you my mailing address.

    P.S. I know comments get reviewed before they show up on the blog so i don’t really care if you decide to publish it as a comment or not.

  • Danny says:

    I am so excited to see your movie!

  • dad says:

    now comes the real hard part… synch’ing up all the soundtrack!!! ;-)

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