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October 21st, 2009 § 1 comment

Zach here. It’s never anyone else anymore. I wish Nandan would post something.

Last thing I wrote was about our weird screening. That was cut one. On Sunday night we screened cut three to a diverse crowd composed partially of non-ex-film students (the common man, if you will), and partially of formidably opinionated ex-film students. The general reaction was positive. There was a lot of interesting discussion about the unlikeability of characters and whether or not it necessarily meant an unlikeable movie. Luckily for me, I think we came to the consensus that it didn’t. I’m excited to see what a larger audience thinks of it, for better or worse, because I think I’ll be able to derive a lot about the nature of movies and how people perceive them. It that sense, this entire process has been experimental.

So now that the movie’s almost done (cut four is already complete), what’s next? My friend Nick, who was generous enough to host the screening I just wrote about, has since been hounding me relentlessly to submit to festivals immediately, considering the volume of important deadlines in November. This has generally come in the form of a text message every three hours or so. “u submit yet???” But the sound is a shit-show. Well actually, for being completely unmixed, the sound is awesome (thanks Dusty and Luc, seriously). But the last scene is garbled and the dialogue is completely inaudible. My friend and current generous host Katie worked with the clip for two hours last night before deeming it unsalvageable. We’re now scrambling to complete a full ADR/foley reconstruction of the scene, which includes recording dialogue from actors in three different cities. Meanwhile, the deadlines are too fast approaching. Nick insists that I submit the movie incomplete as a work in progress. Last night I exported a version with the last scene silenced and subtitled. It’s kind of artsy, actually. I’m waiting for the DVD to burn right now.

With the movie being so close to the end and all, I figured it’d be fun to post a photo from when the movie was so close to the beginning.

Photo 28

This is me, embarrassingly enough, outlining the plot of the movie on the chalkboard that Nandan painted onto the wall of our Brooklyn apartment. It was taken on September 22, 2008. Pretty wild.

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