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Zach here. I’d like to open this entry with an excerpt from a previous entry.

“Zach here. Nandan and I are at the ‘office’ right now slaving away on our personal bios to put in the prospectus so that people will give us money. And we’re doing a terrible job. I don’t like writing about myself in this way, it makes me feel slimy all over. So slimy. Worst of all is how far removed this is from the actual film itself on a creative level. So even though technically we’re working towards getting the film made, I can’t manage to feel like it’s worthwhile.”

That was ten and a half months ago, but it’s starting to sound wincingly familiar. Between the submission process, putting together a new website, and working with sound man/graphic wizard Dusty to design a poster, I’m beginning to feel all of that old self-promotion slime oozing back to me. But this time it’s worse.

Like I said back in January, we were working towards getting the film made. But how do I rationalize this shit now? I could claim that we’re working towards getting the film seen. But I don’t know. I don’t think that anyone needs to see this. That’s arrogant. It’s been made, it’s done, and it is what it is: a solid first attempt with some great moments and a lot of rough edges. I know that it’s important to meditate on and be proud of the accomplishment, but then I’d like to very promptly leave it behind and try another.

Actually I just realized that the success of this first effort could probably make the second one exponentially easier to get off the ground. I had a lot more griping to do, but I guess I’ve found my rationalization. Thanks, blog, for helping me arrive here.

My original complaint still stands, however. This work we’re doing isn’t any fun. Seeing Dusty’s poster designs is actually pretty cool. But the rest of it…no, thank you.

In other news, for family and friends, I’ve been very sick but I’m better now, and today was the first day of my brand new and soon-to-be-very-grueling retail job.

And to thank everyone for putting up with me in this post, I’ll end on something kind of interesting. Kind of.

Picture 1

That is a still from one of our rehearsals. It was, in my opinion, far and away our worst rehearsal. No one was taking it seriously, and the shit we were coming up with was seriously stupid. You can see that Julia and Mackinley are having a good time, while my face says otherwise. It was early on in the process and a definite low point.

Picture 1A

That is a still from the very same scene as it appears in the movie. You may expect me to talk about how much I love the scene now and how rewarding it is to see in light of that bad rehearsal. Well, it’s actually one of my least favorite scenes. It’s not bad, I just don’t like it all that much. But the point is that I get a kick out of seeing the two stills next to one another and I hope you do to.

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