December 10th, 2009 § 2 comments

Zach here. That semi-interesting something I’d thought I’d have by the end of the week was postponed. It wasn’t much anyway, just a little YouTube vid like in the olden days. Why the fuck is “olden” a word? According to my computer’s dictionary it’s archaic and/or jocular.

Today, five thousand filmmakers and I were regretfully informed via e-mail that our films were unable to be included in the 2010 Slamdance Film Festival.

The five thousand thing is what really blows me away. I couldn’t even begin to justify feeling bitter or like they’d made a mistake considering what a massive amount of people were given the very same “no”. With all of the time and money that goes into making these petty picture shows, it almost seems a little twisted to “select” a few of them.

“We’re sorry, but that whole year (or more) of your life you just spent, while commendable, wasn’t quite worthwhile.”

But we’re the ones who make it this way. It could be so rewarding just to finish a movie. It is, for a second, until we decide we want our work to be qualified and assessed against the work of others. So we get rejected.

Here’s to hoping I can take the news in such stride if/when less monumental festivals start turning us down.

On a positive note, tonight I gave myself that mullet I’ve always dreamed of having. It’s extremely subtle. Mullet-chic.

UPDATE: Immediately after publishing this post I realized that we’ve now blogged in every single month of the year. That’s chilling to me.

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  • Tad Todman says:

    Blogging. It is a chilling place.

  • Maya Wood says:

    I check this blog as often as I check my email. And I’m sorry to hear about the festival but hey- it’s still going to be a kick ass movie. Keep me updated!

    And I think I speak for everyone who reads this blog in asking that you post a picture of the mullet.

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