Sound (and the reveal)

December 16th, 2009 § 0 comments

Zach here, barely.

Due to recent developments we’re suddenly facing an imminent deadline and it’s been causing a lot of stress. The only remaining aspect of the movie to finish is the sound design/mix. This is a huge undertaking. Our eager and generous sound designer Cecile was made aware of this right in the midst of a busy finals week, and two days prior to departure on a three-week trip to her hometown, Paris. Not advantageous timing.

Enter one of the movie’s most epic saviors to date: Katie. She’s got a lot of experience with post-sound, and consistently does a great job with it. Yesterday afternoon I sat down with Cecile and Katie to work out some way in which they could double-team the job so that Cecile could still get her hands dirty with the soil of experience (what?). Slowly and painfully, two very upsetting things became clear: that there was no convenient way to keep Cecile involved (this after her having put in work already), and that Katie would be taking on the full weight of our sound burden. Since then she’s already logged an absurd amount of hours towards our cause. Here’s a photo of her, hating me for what I’ve done to her.

Photo 57

In this paragraph I was going to explain why I’ve been secretive. I know it’s obnoxious. I think I’ll just reveal the secret.

Two days ago I was invited to officially premiere the movie as part of the official competition at the twentieth annual Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, CA. And I accepted.


And as exciting as that is, I can’t write anymore about it now because I’ve got to be up in five hours to work in a cramped sub-cellar stockroom with a low ceiling. Many more updates to come.

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