December 26th, 2009 § 1 comment

Zach here. Things are moving along, slowly but a little bit surely.

Blogwise, I’m actually sitting on a decent pile of media-treats. A little video clip here, a little still photo there, etc. Having other people hard at work has left me time to putz around with this sort of thing. And yet, I’m not even getting that done.

But it’s not like I’m without excuses. I work a lot. And additionally, I’m very deep in story meetings on a cross country road movie. Its current working title is “Fresh Starts for Stale People” and it’s more or less a jaw-dropping portrait of a nation shattered by economic turmoil and the all-too-recent loss of its greatest pop icon.

It will go into production next month.

But anyway, I posted two new YouTube videos!!!

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  • ian says:

    “fresh starts for stale people”
    Massengil should be a nice product tie-in.

    and, thank you for changing the small logo to the left side of the blog from “lotl” to “bummer summer”. that was really bugging me!!!!

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