A Fresh Start

February 7th, 2010 § 0 comments

Zach here. I’m writing to you from rural Pennsylvania, where things have gotten weird.

Before I get to that, our preview screening went well. We’re working on getting some footage from the Q&A to share. Also, I was interviewed online! Check it out here.

Back to our current situation. Things have been a blur. Dusty flew out to meet us in New York yesterday morning and we’ve been shooting our new feature Fresh Starts for Stale People (FSFSP) almost nonstop ever since. After a sleepless night of Texas-sized Kahlua Mudslides (TEN DOLLARS? WHAT THE HELL?) and prolonged goodbyes, we left the city indefinitely. When I say “we” I’m referring to Nandan, Dusty, Rob (see next sentence), and myself. Our first stop was the Malone residence, as in Rob Malone, co-director of Puppy Whistle and co-maker of FSFSP. Most of today was spent shooting at a family superbowl party. We’re all glad that the Saints won, because come next weekend we’ll be in New Orleans to help celebrate the victory in conjunction with Mardi Gras. Yikes.

The film has been insane thus far. It’s so many different things all at once. Rather than try to explain, I’ll leave you with some stills from what we’ve been working on. Not that they’ll provide any decent explanation either, but they’re sure pretty to look at.
Dusty FisheyeHaircutmoonscape4Rob talks to KatieTercer MundoWide Eyes

Next stop, Pittsburgh, PA to visit an old friend from a distant land. And to have our car stolen by a heartbroken lunatic hellbent on revenge. In the movie.

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