Austin, Texas

February 16th, 2010 § 0 comments

Zach here. Hardened and wiser for our previous mistakes, we survived another night of Mardi Gras like some real veterans. This was thanks largely in part to the kindness of Dorothy Young, who provided us with four person-sized patches of hardwood floor to rest on. We made a run for the Texas border early the next morning.
Picture 3
That’s where we are now, in Austin, but we’ve got a Greyhound out of here real soon and we’re not stopping for thirty-six hours or until we get to Hollywood. Whichever comes first. I’ve got a feeling they’ll come simultaneously. I’m not in any mood to describe what we’ve been up to. I’m in a good mood, just not that mood. But here are some photos. First one’s at the ALAMO!
Picture 9
Meanwhile, real kind words about us appear in a blog by dear friends. Read them here.

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