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Rob Here. With An Update. This real mess is a.


Zach here. This last round of bloglessness has been unforgivable, especially considering what exciting and eventful times these have been. Rob started writing a post this morning, but he gave up and just e-mailed me what he had. I’m just going to post it here in its entirety and add media wherever necessary.



Rob and Zach here. We’re back in Olympia. Where this shit begun.

It’s been more than a month since we left New York. Shoot.

It’s been a while since we posted anything on this, but that’s not for lack of events.

Earth-changing, Life-shattering Events.

On February 22 we wrapped Principle Photography on Fresh Starts for Stale People. We pushed ourselves through our last day and got the shots for the scene that I feel may be one of the films best or perhaps sloppiest moments.
Picture 5
Julia (Lila of Bummer Summer fame) arrived at Ferino’s somewhere in the afternoon and after the third or fourth best meal of the trip (In & Out) we headed north for San Jose. Not really knowing the way.

At some point Rob got a migraine and at around the same time Zach and Dusty chugged tall cans outside a gas station.

But all of this was just prologue to the cold hot dog feast that awaited us at Ernesto’s.


In which Dusty leaves, we get our all access passes, We attend the first soiree and meet Larry and Sophia [Zach’s note: Larry and Sophia are filmmakers they made a good movie, see below].

Zach and Julia get the red carpet treatment, We attend the good heart, We begin the marketing push by dancing hard at the opening night party.
Cinequest Day 2

In which we exchange our badges for artist badges. Eat at Bo-Town(?), Checked out the poster at camera 12 (show twitpic) Got interviewed by valerie and aidan in the vip lounge, soiree at morocco’s, get interviewed by mette, belly dancer happens, see tercer mundo, it is good. Nandan arrives at the maverick meet-up at the hotel de anza. Ernesto has bummer summer written in sharpie on his face.

Eerie foreshadowing Journal entry “12:17 My Ears hurt. Hope this doesn’t lead to something bad.”

Cinequest Day 3

Buy a sweet Native American themed blue coat at the goodwill. Zach leaves his coat and his pass at the store. Eat Lunch with Mike and (what’s her face?) and the filmmakers behind Gabi on the Roof in July, Anyone you Want, Tercer Mundo, the robbers, and Bummer Summer? Saw Cooking History, green Waters, Best Soiree yet at Il Fornario’s (Best soriee of the fest), Meet Kate from Gabi, See the Ferrari Dino Girl and Rob sleeps fitfully, Fahrenheit kind of sucks as a venue

CineQuest Day 4

Cut the first teaser for Fresh Starts, Checked into the Hilton, No Free Internet, New Distribution Panel nearly destroys the fragile friendships of the filmmakers at Newhard Entertainment, Met Mackinley at the Hotel, waiting outside our door, Begin work on another trailer, Rob is increasingly grouchy as he goes to town on the free food at south first billiards, mac couldn’t get into soiree, talked mardi gras with jordan kesslar, Really liked gabi on the roof in July, feel bad that they are looking forward to our film.

CineQuest Day 5 The Premiere


That’s where he left off. Kind of a cliffhanger. I’ll take over. In much less detail.

The premiere was pretty good. A lot of people came. Even more people came to our screening the next day. And finally, not very many people came to our final screening, which was on Wednesday at noon.

I guess I’ll explain Rob’s weird mention of “eerie foreshadowing.” After three consecutive nights of stoopid late hotel parties, we were pretty tired and ready to turn in relatively early. I was sitting around and thinking about possibly blogging when Rob came out of the bathroom in a panic with his mouth wide open, trying to explain that he couldn’t close it. Long story short, his jaw was dislocated and he was too namby-pamby to let me push it back into place so we had to go to the ER and spend a few hours there.

Not sure what else to say about the festival. It was a good time overall. By the time it ended, we were absolutely ready to move on.

Getting home was kind of noteworthy. We met a nice guy on closing night who agreed to give us a ride halfway up. We stayed with a nice woman named Teresa in Medford, OR that night and the very next morning caught a ride via Craigslist with a guy called Mike to Portland where we had a nice reunion with Dusty and Luc. Then Jimmy picked us up and we were here in Olympia a little after midnight.

These first few days have been a bit busy with my moving into a dreamhouse. More on that as it develops.

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