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Nandan here. Last week I went to Athens, Ohio. We were accepted into the Athens Film and Video Festival, and when I told the festival director Ruth Bradley that I would come out for the screening, she offered to fly me out for the festival. I couldn’t help but doubt that it could possibly be financially savvy of them to offer this to me, but I was more than happy to accept the invite and come out. I think I had had a good impression of Athens as a town, but not one that was in any way defined. My new impression: Awesome.

Athens was really a beautiful town. First of all, the state is gorgeous, at least the drive from Cincinnati where I flew in, to Athens. I stayed with a few couchsurfers, Lauren, Damian, Trevor, and five other kids that lived with them who I either never met or met too briefly to remember names (although they seemed like people worth remembering). I think I had had a good impression of kids that would be living in Athens, but not one that was in any way defined. My new impression of kids living in Athens: Awesome.

The festival looked like this:

We had one screening, to which people actually came, which is always exciting. While in comparison to other screenings this one was fairly intimate, it’s still weird to me that anyone would read the description and want to come see the film. Not that the description’s bad, I just can’t feel anything towards it. It’s weird how my feelings about the film are slowly become more and more based on how others react. I mean , during and after we shot and edited the film I knew quite consciously that I was not able to watch it as an actual film and doubted that I ever would be able to. It was therefore impossible to form an opinion about it as a film from watching it. I see a collection of scenes that have a long history of memories. But as I hear from more and more people how they reacted to the film, my opinion slowly becomes more and more just what they tell me. I didn’t intend to get into that at all, but I’m excited to see how my thoughts on this sit in relation to Zach’s thoughts below. I’m not excited to see how self-absorbed these thoughts are in relation to the world.

After our film we saw a locally-made film called Skatopia. Which was a documentary about a super-insane skate-haven, and the atmosphere in the crowd was super-appropriate. One of the kids that introduced the film was throwing up in the back rows after the credits rolled.

P.S. I’m hyped about the projects we have coming up in the next year. Especially the Bummer Summer sequel.

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