Back 2 School

June 3rd, 2010 § 0 comments

Zach here. At eight o’clock this morning I walked the halls of Capital High School, sheepishly avoiding eye contact like I did my first time…nine years ago. And teenagers still seem as callous as they ever did. In fact, I’m sure I would’ve been stuffed into a locker had it not been for my intimidating mustache.

I was relieved to find Ms. Samson’s classroom and duck inside. She’d called me a couple of nights ago to ask if I’d come talk to her film class as a guest speaker. I said that of course I would, and then naturally neglected to prepare anything at all. Well, I prepared a little. I brought a copy of Bummer Summer and the little booklet Nandan and I had put together to promote my next film, The International Sign for Choking. Other than that though, I figured I knew my own story pretty well and thus wouldn’t need to rehearse it.

So after the bell rang and Ms. Samson took attendance, I sat down on a stool in the front of the room and just started talking. Aimlessly. Just a couple months ago I addressed a three hundred person, stadium style audience. In Spanish. And that was a breeze compared to this handful of kids. There’s nothing like the overwhelming apathy in a roomful of sleepy-eyed high school students to make a guy uncomfortable. It was like playing tennis with a brick wall, only there was no brick wall even. Just a deep, uncaring void of nothingness.

But I’m being dramatic, it was actually a pretty decent time. My talk could have used some structure though, that’s certain. Aside from showing the first five minutes of the movie and pulling up the fundraising trailer on YouTube, I filled the entire fifty minute period with my rambling and didn’t even get around to discussing my actual filmmaking method or advertising the upcoming screening (one month from today!).

So as of tomorrow morning I’m going into hiding. And what better place to do so than the Brooklyn Film Festival? I’m very excited. You can still order tickets if you haven’t yet.

See you there.

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