North Carolina, Mysterious North American Country, and hope for Argentina

August 10th, 2010 § 0 comments

Nandan here. Just wanted to throw out an update on my life, our life, and film life. FIRST OF ALL OUR KICKSTARTER IS NEARING THE END AND WE HAVE 5 DAYS LEFT. If you know any social networking site and feel somehow endeared to us or this project by the name of The International Sign For Choking, please feel free to direct any and all curious people to our Kickstarter page. A clever way of doing this is by inviting people to the Facebook EVENT PAGE

Also, I’m currently living in North Carolina working on a movie with dear friends of both mine and Zachs from the college years – Harrison Topp and Bruno Seraphin. If their names ring a bell it’s probably because either you went to school with us too, or you’re my mother and I’ve told you multiple times who I’m living with right now. Anyways, the film is indeed being made right now, and although it doesn’t have a name you can follow our progress on a currently-much-more-frequently-updated-blog-than-this found at the address It’s a beautiful movie and if you like banjo music or human beings then you’ll probably want to watch it.

And Zach has some secret news coming fairly soon I would imagine.

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