Gratitude Post #2

September 6th, 2010 § 0 comments

Zach here. It’s looking like most of the people who pledged enough money to earn their mug on the blog don’t consider it such a coveted honor as I do. Here are the only two donor photos I’ve gotten since the last batch:

That’s M. Berger, an Oregonian with a heart o’ gold.

And that there is Ian Weintraub. He’s my dad. I’m really liking what he did with the whole “imitate the concept art” thing. I can see this really taking off as some sort of viral marketing campaign after we’ve shot the movie. Kind of like what Death at a Funeral did by placing cardboard displays in theater lobbies with a space for people to pose for a photo and then upload to twitter.

I can already sense the outrage of parents and teachers across the nation (the globe?) as hundreds of thousands of children are caught taking pix of themselves making the international sign for choking in class. Could be cool.

Still gonna hold off on my remaining major news items. They involve an upcoming and very exciting screening in our own beloved NW, an extremely exciting deal made south of the border, and an overwhelmingly exciting addition to the cast of The International Sign for Choking. Stay gold everyone.

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