LOCAL SIGHTINGS + bonus gratitude

September 9th, 2010 § 0 comments

Zach here, bringing you part one of a three part series entitled “news that I’ve been promising but not delivering on, finally delivered upon.”

Local Sightings, Northwest Film Forum’s annual festival of regional flix, will be screening Bummer Summer as their opening night film this year! Here are the details:

Friday, Oct. 1
1515 12th Ave. (Seattle)
$??? (couldn’t be that much)

NWFF is the undeniable heart of the Northwestern film community. And it’s a community that I’ve never really gotten to be a part of, so this is one hell of an exciting initiation rite. I remember reading last September that The Mountain, the River and the Road was to hold the same honor, a star-studded film I was well aware of and whose progress I had been following for some time. It’s a trip to be there myself just one year later.

So there’s that. Two more news items remain for now. They’re both more exciting than this one. Imagine the possibilities.

And lastly but far from leastly, a bonus backer photo:

It’s Cindy Rae, taking the “international sign for choking” motif to carnivalesque new heights. THANK YOU CINDY!

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