Slow Starts….

September 26th, 2010 § 0 comments

Hey y’all, Rob here.

Maybe I should start off with an apology since I’m interrupting the flow of news that Zach keeps hinting at ( and which I am frankly a little dubious about the existence of), but I’m not going to apologize. I’m done with apologizing. I’m done with saying “I’m sorry.”

And I’m here with some news of my own. Massive, earth splatterin’ news.
Fresh Starts for Stale People, that “secret” project we spent the Spring hyping, and busted our a$$es and our souls making so many months ago, is finally heading into that magical phase of post-production. That phase of rough-cut completion, radical re-cutting, and screenings for our soon-to-be disappointed friends and “fans.”

That’s right Fresh Starts 4 Stale People is going to be finished, even if I have to kidnap Z. Weintraub and Nando Rao and hogtie/haul their big ol’ butts back to good old NYC.

Surprised? Believe you me, no one and I mean no one thought that the day would come where I broke the old Fresh Starts hard drive out of the sweltering haze of summer sublets and my 4 month long Census adventure (oh god I miss you so bad), but it has come.

So to celebrate the fact that we’re in the home-stretch so to speak, I’ve rummaged through the Newhard Vault to upload some clips, including an exclusive scene from the film. Never-before-seen and not available anywhere else.

Fresh Starts 4 Stale People Exclusive Scene \"Anyone home\"

And just for fun a special look at the hands on approach we take to directing actors here at Newhard Entertainment.

Rob DIrects Zach

Just to get weird.

weird tricks with ben


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